Story and Legend

The Legend of Zelda lends itself well to mythology and lore ... there are thousands upon thousands of details to analyze that give clue to the worlds where the games reside. It's nearly impossible to make all of the games fit into a cohesive whole, but many adventurers have tried. This section chronicles their attempts, and also makes way for in-depth analysis of the various Legends themselves.

The Tetraforce

Is there a fourth piece of the Triforce? Some people thought so. For awhile, the community was split almost in the middle, with Stalfos333 on one side and JMK on the other. This mystery has never been completely solved to everyone's satisfaction ... could the fourth piece exist?

The Quadraforce, by Stalfos333. The original article that started a virtual movement!
The Case of the Tetraforce, by JMK. JMK and Stalfos333 didn't see eye to eye on the issue ... read JMK's case against a Tetraforce!

The Mysterious Harper

Turn the clock back to the middle of 1998, when Zelda 64 screenshots began appearing that showed a very mysterious character playing a harp. This character was later given a name, but nothing else was released ... speculation went rampant and some of that has been captured here for your reminiscence.

07 . 19 . 98 - The Mystery of the Harper, by Jaraad Virani
08 . 01 . 98 - The Mystery of the Harper II, by Ice
08 . 07 . 98 - The Mysterious Sheik, by Jesse Wilson
10 . 27 . 98 - Take it Home, Sheik!, by Ice

Looking at the Legend

Gossip Stones say it all!—Princess Zelda likes to play in mud-puddles!, by Zelda Barrow
Dating in Hyrule, by HylianSage
The Blood of the Hero, by HylianSage
The Motherless Syndrome, by Vyctori
Zelda History, by SubagSingh
Time Travel Paradoxes, by Maniacal Clown
The Philosophy of a Relic, by Belgarath
Zelda Lineage, by Douen
The Legends of Zelda: A Metaphor for God?, by Christian Warrior
Can Ganon Really Die?, by Ice
The Mystery of the Dwarf, by Ice

Timeline Theories

Zelda Timeline, by Challenger
Zelda Timeline, by RRJ
Another Timeline, by JohnG2223
The Legends of Zelda, by Domino