The Case Against the Tetraforce


There has been alot of speculation of a "Fourth Triforce" on the Internet
lately. The belief that there is a fourth Triforce is most commonly called the
"Quadraforce Theory" or the "Tetraforce Theory". These theories began because
some of the newer screenshots of the unreleased "The Legend of Zelda: The
Ocarina of Time" show what appears to be a fourth Triforce piece carried by a
bird pictured on Link's shield. The purpose of this editorial is to discredit
these annoying theories.


Now, as mentioned above, some screenshots show what appears to be a fourth
Triforce piece in the claws of a bird on Link's shield. (These screenshots can
be found right here at Ice's Zelda Central [Summer, 1998],, and
on many other sites around the net as well.) Some other screen shots show just
another triangular object, with no bird on the shield. (These screenshots can
also be found at Ice's Zelda Central [The First Shots, Alpha Shots], the Ultra
Game Players January '98 Preview, and the Video Games for the Nintendo 64 Volume
3 Preview, which are both linked to this site in the "Previews" section.) Both
of these kinds of screenshots "support" the "Tetraforce Theory". Here's the
interesting part: in the "News" section of this site you will see a picture of a
Link action figure (Zelda Action Figures Confirmed! [July 11th, 1998]) who is
holding a shield. The bird on this shield is NOT holding a mystery piece of the
Triforce, but more of a smaller, square!
ped oject. Now, after looking at this evidence against the "Tetraforce Theory",
go back to look at the other two types of shields. Upon closer examination, the
"unidentified object" (whether being carried by the bird or not) in these two
types of shields looks ALOT like the object on the action figures shield! In
most of the shots, the "mystery object" appears much smaller than the Triforce
pieces, AND the top edge (which should be a straight line if it's a triangle) is
CURVED, and even two SEPERATE edges in some of the good shots!! I don't think
EITHER of these types of shields are grounds for assuming that there is a fourth
Triforce, especially now that with a closer look in some of the shots, the
"mystery object" does not even appear to be a triangle, let alone a Triforce
Aside from the two types of shields mentioned above, there is a third type
which shows a V-shaped oject under the Triforces. (These shots can be found on
Ice's site [The First Shots,Ice's Zelda Central's Preview], the GamePro April
'97 Preview, and the Game Informer Online April '97 Preview. All of the previews
mentioned can be linked to through this site in the "Previews" section.) These
shots are also evidence AGAINST the "Tetraforce Theory".


So that you know, all of the references to the screenshots in this section
refer to Nintendo's site at! All of these pictures can be found
on Ice's site as well, but I'm not sure in which sections.

If you go to and look at their preview, there is a
close-up of Zelda. On her hat is a picture of the Triforces, and there are only
In the 7/3/98: Zelda and Link Meet section, Zelda is again pictured with
only THREE pieces of the Triforce on her hat. On the castle wall there is also
a picture of the Triforces, and, again, there are only THREE. The last piece of
evidence that I noticed in this section on the two guards that are standing in
the background of one of the shots. On each of the guard's chestplates there is
a picture of only THREE Triforce pieces.
In the 1/6/98: Roaming About in the Town and the Hall of Time section
there are more clues... The walls of the HALL OF TIME have only THREE Triforce
pieces on them, not four. There is also a strange symbol on the floor with THREE
triangles and three circles on it.(The circles probably represent the stones you
need to travel through time with.)
In the 2/4/98: Statues and a Town section there are three statues. Each of
these statues has a picture of the Triforce at the base of them, and in each of
these pictures, there are only THREE pieces.
In ALOT of the sections on this site there are pictures of the Triforce on
the floor. In EVERY SINGLE picture, there are only THREE pieces of the Triforce.


At, in the 6/9/98: The Legend of the Triforce section,
there is a sequence of pictures that tells the story of the Triforce. It shows
them flying through space (they look like pink, blue, and green comets) and
guess what- THERE ARE ONLY THREE!!! When these "comets" meet, they turn into the
Triforce, and, as always, there are only THREE pieces. Since this sequence is
supposed to show the CREATION of the Triforce and there are only THREE pieces
shown, I'd say it's pretty darn safe to say that THERE ARE ONLY THREE PIECES!!!
This is an EXTREMELY strong and important piece of evidence against the
"Tetraforce Theory"!!!!
On the TITLE SCREEN (which is in the E3 1998 preview linked to this site
in the "Preview" section) there is no picture of a fourth piece. Now, there is a
big "Z" in the way, but, if there was a fourth piece, it should still show the
top right corner of it sticking out from behind it.
In every picture of Links sword (on ALOT of sites, including Ice's) there
is a little, tiny picture of the Triforce about 1/5 of the way up the blade of
the sword. In every sinle one of these little pictures, there are only THREE
(WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!) pieces of the Triforce!!


Why would it be called a TRIforce if there were FOUR pieces?!?! If there
were four pieces, why would they only "appear" on Link's shield while in the
rest of the game, there are only three pieces shown?!?! Why hasn't Nintendo ever
mentioned a fourth Triforce?!?! If there are four Triforce pieces in this game,
then why aren't they in any of the OTHER games, since this one takes place first
chronilogically?!?! How come none of the wise men or Impa never said anything
about a fourth piece?!?! How come none of the stories handed down through the
generations ever mention a fourth Triforce piece?!?! How could anyone that
possessed the three pieces of the Triforce gain absolute power and control of
the Zelda universe if there was a fourth piece?!?! Wouldn't anyone with the
Triforce of Knowledge gain knowledge of a fourth, forgotten piece?!?!
I think the answer to all of these questions is very simple- THERE IS NO


In conclusion to all of the evidence presented against a fourth Triforce
piece, I think there is one obvious answer to the "Tetraforce Theory". This
answer is that there always has been and always will be only THREE pieces of the
Triforce!!! Hopefully this editorial will put an end to this "Four Pieces of
Triforce" nonsense. The "Tetraforce Theory" is retarted. To Howard, the writer
of the "The Quadraforce" editorial: no one has been "denying to themselves"
anything, we just choose not to believe in your lame-a*s "Quadraforce Theory"!!
Enough said. Only the release of "The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time" will
TRULY be able to solve this mystery...