Dating in Hyrule

By HylianSage

Valentines Day (or single's awareness day) has come and gone. That always gets me thinking about the strange habits that people have when it comes to dating and love. I'm sure it's just as crazy in Hyrule. As a matter of fact, let's look at that for awhile.

The people of Hyrule (not just the Hylians) must date. They have to. They have to reproduce somehow. There are couples occasionally. Honey and Darling come to mind.

It's not often that a character in the Zelda series shows any strong liking or affection. Princess Ruto definitely wanted Link. Marin seemed to fall in love with him.

Honey and Darling are the biggest examples. They're all over each other. Proof that love (or something like it) is alive and well in Hyrule.

People all over the 'net try to pair Link and Zelda, Link and Malon, Link and Ruto (?!), Link and Saria, etc. Has Link ever really shown any interest in any of them? Well, it depends on which Link you're talking about.

The Link of the cartoon series is definitely interested in Princess Zelda. That much is definitely certain. Has any other Link ever shown any interest, though?

Well, in Link's Awakening, it seems that Link may be falling for Marin. Marin, who "looks like Princess Zelda".

So are Link and Zelda destined to be together? "Zelda is your..."

I believe the word was supposed to be DESTINY.

Love in Hyrule. It's interesting to think about, and deserves further study...

Where would you go on a date?

Look for more from me about this subject.