Music and Radio

Ice's Zelda Central has long been known for its music. This section contains many of those landmark pieces, as well as some new and interesting files and content. Turn up your speakers!

The Zelda Soundtracks (OST)

Information about the soundtracks that have been released.

MIDI Files

MIDI files are great because of their small size and the fact that so many interesting devices can play them. The actual tracks in Zelda games are in a format similar to MIDI. This section contains accurate versions of classic Zelda songs, as well as some weird and wild remixes.

MP3 Files

This is where you can find MP3 files (but no gamerips, sorry) of Zelda remixes, extended versions, and even some original compositions inspired the series.

Music Analysis

Ice has spent a lot of time with the Zelda themes and soundtracks, and offers his insights about them here.