Zelda History

By SubagSingh

(Ocarina, Link 1, Zelda 1) There is a war in Hyrule and a Hylian Mother gives her baby to the great Duku tree.Link grows up to the age of 10. The Great deku tree talks with him and then he Gorons Ruby,etc.Link Opens the door of time7 years later Link wakes up and does what he does as an adultWhen link battles Ganondorf, ganondorf has the power of the entire trifoce but he doesn't die because Link uses the light arrows on him which don't kill him but only stun him. When he battles Ganon, Ganon only has the triforce of power face="Arial"> Ganon gets trapped in the evil realm( I'm not so sure if it is also the Golden Land) Then Gaiden would happen (Zelda 1, Link 2, Zelda 2) Centuries later the seal that has kept Ganon trapped weakons and  he has enough strength to break free

He only has the triforce of power with him He captures zelda, zelda seperates the triforce of wisdom into 8 peices, Link gets them, kills Ganon with 1 silver arrow ( he's not very powerful yet....) (Zelda 2, same as Z1) On Link's 16th birthday he notices a strange mark on his hand face="Arial"> Impa ( Descendant of Ocarina Impa) tells Link the Story about the Sleeping Zelda ( Who is the zelda from ocarina of time) face="Arial">  Link goes on his adventure and confronts his shodow and wakes up zelda. When Link dies of old age ganons minions revive Ganon by find some of links blood in his dead body   Now I think this would be a good place to put the zelda trilogy that is going to happen for game boy (Zelda 3, Link 3, Zelda 3) Centuries later the imprisonig war happens and the part about the master sword being made would have to be changed.  I guess the wise men had enough power to use the master sword and trap Ganon in the Golden Land which was altered by him into the Dark world. face="Arial"> Centuries later one of the eight seal break free ( the one on death mountain) Agihnam arrives to hyrule and captures the maidens, gets rid of the king and takes control of the guards. Zelda tellapathically sends a message to Link and his uncle that she is trapped and what is going on in the castle Link rescues her, gets the pedants, pulls out the master sword, battles Agahnim and gets transported to the dark World fThen Link recovers the 7 maidens and battles Agahnim again Link then battles Ganon once and for all Ganon has the power of the entire triforce for the second time This time Ganon dies for good because you used 4  silver arrows on him, the essence of the triforce tells you that he has been TOTALLY destroyed and you used the hero sword on him which is the strongest sword hyrule has ever seen !!! Then Link wishes that evereything would be restored and there would never be any evil ever to threaten hyrule ever again.  Shiguru Miyamoto said Link wished this in one of his interviews with nintendo power magazine Then Links awakenig happens a year after this.95% of this storyline is true but I don't know why many fans realize this and think it goes 5 1 2 3 4.  well now you guys know how it is really supposed to go.  And I didn't make this up.  Other websites don't believe me that Shiguro Miyamoto actuall said this.  How irratating!!!! Email me back and tell me if you'll post this up and what you think of it.  I know some parts don't make some sense but ther will be a zelda storyline coming out in one of the new game boy games.  Miyamoto said this on the same interview.