Zelda Timeline

By Challenger

Day of the Triforce: Day of the Triforce happens every zero year, ( 10, 20, 30, 40 ) and on that day the Triforce stops working for that day. Day of Evil Power: Named by ZHQ, Day of Evil Power happens once a life time, and allows all the evil in Hyrule to be harrnessed by one wizard. Ganon once tried to blast Link 3 with an Evil Power Day spell, but it backfired ( 2010H.C. ).

0 Hyrulian Chronology The three goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore create the land of Hyrule. They also create the seven races which inhabit the new land, the Hylians, the Kokiri, the Gorons, the Sheikhas, the Fairys, the Zora's, the, and the Gerudo's. The goddesses create the Golden Land and the Triforce, which is to guide these beings for all of eternity.

5 Hyrulian Chronology The races begin to work together and build up their new land.

50 Hyrulian Chronology The Hylians rise as the most superior race, building great cities, buildings and Hyrule Castle.

100 Hyrulian Chronology The great Sage and leader of the people of Hyrule plans and constructs the Temple of Light, which guards the entrance to the Golden Land. The Master Sword is forged, as a key to the Golden Land.

500 Hyrulian Chronology The Book of Mudora is written - a collection of Hylian legends and lore. 750 Hyrulian Chronology Hyrule has built up tremendously. Suddenly, war breaks out, due to each of the races, now divided into tribes, wanting each others land. Every tribe in Hyrule is at war except the Kokiri and Fairys. War is abundant.

760 Hyrulian Chronology. Impa of the Shiekhas is born.

770 Hyrulian Chronology Ganondorf Dragmire is born to Gerudo parents. The Gerudo's are petty thieves, but none as evil as Ganondorf. 790 Hyrulian Chronology A boy is born to Hylian parents, who entrust him to the Great Deku Tree. The Kokiri find him. His name is Link 1. Zelda 1 is born in Hyrule. 798 Hyrulian Chronology An epidemic sweeps through the Shiekhas, leaving only Impa and a few other Shiekhas alive. 800 Hyrulian Chronology A great Hylian King rises up, and stops the war. Hyrule enters an age of peace. The evil thief Ganondorf begins his search for the Triforce.

800-807 Hyrulian Chronology Zelda 5 Link 1embarks on a quest to to defeat Ganondorf, and seals him in the Golden Land, aka Sacred Realm, with the help of the Seven Sages. 811 Hyrulian Chronology Ganon breaks free of the seal. The Imprisoning war is fought. The Seven Wise Men seal Ganon in the Golden Land again, with the Triforce. The Master Sword is re-forged, to fight Ganon.

819 Hyrulian Chronology The Golden Age of Hyrule begins. The Tower of Heir, Eastern Palace, and Desert Palace contruction is begun.

820 Hyrulian Chronology Terrified of the small bands of monsters still roaming in Hyrule, the Kokiri scatter.

825 Hyrulian Chronology The Tower of Heir, Eastern Palace, and Desert Palace constrution is attacked by the remains of Ganon's army's. Construction is abandoned, and the locations fall into ruin.

855 Hyrulian Chronology A fire engulfs Death Mountian, killing the Gorons and destroying their civilization. An epidemic kills off the Gerudos.

867 Hyrulian Chronology Almost all of the monsters are destroyed, and Hyrule enjoys a doubled peace.

1200 Hyrulian Chronology Link 2, a desendent of the Knights of Hyrule, and Zelda 2, a desendent of the Seven Wise Men, are born in Hyrule.

1206 Hyrulian Chronology The world of Hyrule falls into utter chaos, with natural disasters flooding over the land.

1216 Hyrulian Chronology Zelda 3 Agahnim appears in Hyrule. He overthrows the King, revives the dead monsters, and begins eliminating decendants of the Knights who fought in the Imprisoning War. Wielding the Master Sword, Link 2 destroys Agahnim and vanquishes Ganon, recovering the Triforce for the people of Hyrule. The Dark World disappears.

1217 Hyrulian Chronology Zelda 4 Link 2 sails around the world and wakes the Windfish on Koholint Island

Late 1217-early 1218 Hyrulian Chronology Link 2 is found by a Hyrulian merchant vessel, and brought back to Hyrule. 1219 Hyrulian Chronology The king of Hyrule splits the Triforce. 1220 Hyrulian Chronology The king of Hyrule dies. 1221 Hyrulian Chronology Zelda 2 does not tell the new prince of Hyrule where her father hid the Triforce of Courage. A magician come to 'help' the prince. Really, he wants the Triforce of Couarge for himself. When Zelda 2 refeuses to tell the magician, he casts a sleeping spell on her. The prince trys to stop him, but fails. Link 2 arrives second to late.

1239 Hyrulian Chronology Impa is born in Hyrule. She is not a Shiekha, just named after the Sage.

1250 Hyrulian Chronology The Grindle-Morian War is fought. Perhaps it's just a myth. But according to legends, this is what happened: Hyrule Castle and Kakariko Village are attacked by an army from the neighbouring land of Sosaria. They are left in ruins and the villagers and the Royal Family flee to the North. However, the Sosarians fail to invade further. The land becomes a wasteland, left to the monsters, who destroy any remaining buildings. The Master Sword, which was housed in the Lost Woods in this area, goes missing, stolen by the Sosarians, who had stolen the three Pendents.

1295 Hyrulian Chronology The residents of Hyrule salvage everything from their fallen land, recover the Master Sword and the three Pendents, and the remaining desendents of the Seven Wise men and the Knights of Hyrule send the Master Sword and the three Pendents to a secret location, not in Hyrule, and rebuild Hyrule. North Castle is built on the Great Northwestern Plains. It is bigger, and far more magnificant than Hyrule Castle. The Triforce is stored in it. The towns are named after names found in recently discovered Hylian scrolls. And boy, do they make the Sosarians pay for what they did. Almost totally destroyed them (the Sosarians) .

1300 Hyrulian Chronology King Harkinian is born in Hyrule.

1320 Hyrulian Chronology Link 3 is born in Calatia, Zelda 3 is born in Hyrule.

1321 Hyrulian Chronology Impa comes to North Castle

1336 Hyrulian Chronology The evil wizard Ganon appears, having been revivied by the power of the Triforce. Since there is no Darkworld, he is revived in Hyrule. He steals the Triforce of Power from North Castle. He makes the Underworld his domain and uses Death Mountain as his main base, where monsters already run riot on the waste wasteland of Southwest Hyrule.

1337 Hyrulian Chronology Zelda 1, "Moblin's Magic Spear" Zelda inherits the Triforce of Wisdom. However, she fears Ganon will steal it and so shatters it into pieces and sends Impa to look for a hero. Ganon captures Zelda and imprisons her in Death Mountain. Impa meets up with Link and asks him to rescue Zelda. Link recovers the Triforce of Wisdom, defeats Ganon, recovers the Triforce of Power, and saves Zelda.

Late 1337 Hyrulian Chronology The Hyrulians discover that a drop of the Hero's blood will revive Ganon instantly

2378 Hyrulian Chronology Link 4 is born in Hyrule

2400 Hyrulian Chronology Zelda 2 Link discovers a strange mark on his hand. Impa tells him it means he is the one chosen to recover the Triforce of Courage and awaken Zelda 2 from a sleeping spell. Link successfully completes the quest, Link becomes recognized as the Hero, and the Triforce of Courage is stored in his heart.

2408 Hyrulian Chronology Comics, Cartoons, Books Ganon is somehow resurrected and again steals the Triforce of Power. Link 4 and Zelda 2 go on many adventures to recover it. This is where the documentation of Hyrule ends. Impressive, eh?