The Legends of Zelda

By Domino

The Legend of Zelda storyline, one of the greatest mysteries man has ever faced. There have been many theories based on it, some have made me laugh, and others made me think about revising my own take on it.

I have spent hours up in my room trying to make it all work without having to alter what the games and manual say, but alas, it is quite a task. I have come up with multiple theories, but only two facts are certain.

1. Zelda 64 is the fist on in the series.
2. Zelda II comes after the orignal.

I have decided to say my own take on the subject. The following storyline is the only one without any flaws, and doesn't exclude anything from the game. Let's start with what we know:


Zelda 64 - Here the triforce is split into three parts, Ganon is sealed into the Golden Land along with the Triforce of Power. This is comfirmed in the ending where Ganon says "As long as I have the Triforce of Power." We also know that Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom and Link the Tirforce of Courage. Now here the the storyline splits, depending on what happened. Either the kingdom rules with just the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom, or the Sages send the two remaining Triforce to the Golden Land.

If the sages sent the Triforce of Wisdom and Power to the golden realm with Ganon, then the obvious order is, Z5, Z3, events from the Z2 manual, Z1, Z2, With Z4 happening at any point in the timeline.

If the sages decided to keep the Triforce of Wisdom and Courage, the the story becomes a bit more complicated.

We know that the events described in the Z2 manual take place bfore Z1 or Z2, and we know that there was a full Triforce in these events. We also know that in Z3, Ganon has the full Triforce. But the Triforce is split in Z5, so, how is this possible?

Here's how, an untold Zelda chapter. There is a missing chapter of the Zelda series, maybe the plot for the next Zelda game. In this missing chapter, Ganon returns from the Golden Land and gets sealed again. This time either leaving behind the Triforce of Power, or taking the full Triforce with him.

If he takes the full Triforce with him then the Timeline is Z5, unknown chapter, Z3, events in Z2 manual, Z1, Z2. If he leaves behind the Triforce of Power then the order is: Z5, unknown chapter, events in Z2 manual, Z1, Z2, another unknown chapter (where Ganon take the triforce with him to the golden land) Z3. With Z4 following in anywhere in the Timeline.

Here is a map of all paths the timeline could take


Z1 Means The original Zelda, Z2 means Zelda 2: Adventures of Link Z2M means the events described in the Zelda 2 manual, Z3 means A Link to the Past, and Z5 means Ocarina of Time.

As you can see there are many ways the timeline can turn, more tan I can name in this editorial. But most of them all fall in the place of an unknown chapter in this series. If you have any questions or comments the e-mail me at -Domino

Staff Comments:

Stalfos333: With so many numbers, you'd think this would be more confusing. As it stands, however, this makes sense. I like how he stayed away from choosing a particular timeline.