The Blood of the Hero

By HylianSage

This is a response to Ice's "Can Ganon Really Die?" editorial, and editorial which I enjoyed reading very much. It gave me a lot of think about, and this was the end result.

First, a little bit about myself. I was a visitor at IZC in the golden years, the years when IZC was the best Zelda site in the world. I wasn't involved, because of the massive size of the site, and the hordes of people talking and submitting.

Now that IZC is starting over, I finally found my chance to be involved with the site. You can see at a lot of me at the forums, and you'll be hearing from me in other parts of the site as well (if Ice thinks my material is worthy enough to be posted).

Now, on to the article.

Ice postulated that maybe the actual blood of the Hero has to be sprinkled on Ganon's ashes for him to rise again. The Zelda 2 instruction manual says something to this effect. But Ice also suggested that maybe it was meant to be metaphorical; maybe "the blood of the Hero" just means that the Hero has to die for Ganon to rise.

I believe that there are multiple Links and Zeldas. There is only one Ganon. Each Link is successful in slaying Ganon, but Ganon is never truly dead. The Triforce of Power infused him with something that simply won't let him die (or maybe Ganon's own magic sustains him, who knows?)

What keeps Ganon alive? Is it the Triforce? His minions? Some outside magical force? Who knows, and that is the subject of another editorial.

My timeline theory goes like this: Z5, Z6, WW, Z3, Z4, Z1, Z2, and here's what I think Ganon's history has been:

Zelda 5: Ganon comes to have the Triforce of Power. Link slays him.

Zelda 6: Same Link, no Ganon. Link eventually grows old and dies, therefore, Ganon rises again.

WW: Ganon has risen, and the world falls underwater. A small boy (maybe Link's grandson? That would mean that Link was married to the old woman who is the new Link's grandmother...) becomes the new Hero, and slays Ganon again.

Z3: The Link from WW has died. Ganon comes back. Link takes care of him again.

Z4: Same Link as Z3. This Link eventually dies, and Ganon comes back to life...

Z1: Ganon practically rules the world. He's looking for the rest of the Triforce. A new Link (a traveler from the land of Calatia) finds him and slays him.

Z2: Ganon's minions are trying depserately to kill Link so Ganon will live...

To quote Terrible Ted on the IZC forums, "When the Hero dies, Ganon will rise".

Hopefully I've given you something to think about.