The Legends of Zelda: A Metaphor for God?

By Christian Warrior

Yes, I know it seems weird at first when you consider it, but as a follower of Christ, I have noticed the similarities between the two. When we think about metaphores of God, think about that novel by C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The whole story was a story about God. Take for instance the great lion Aslan. He was someone who was said to be the son of the great emperor over the sea. He died letting his enemies kill him, rose from the dead because he never committed any evil, and then did away with the evil one and forgave those who turned away from him. Think about it for a moment. This guy was supposed to be Jesus! Son of God(the emperor), died through his enemies(Satan) and rose from the dead(resurection). C.S. Lewis was an amazing writer, who could fit God into the picture easily.

Now you're asking yourself, where's this guy going with all this? Well here's my point. The divine relic, the Triforce, is the work of the three goddesses who made Hyrule. In Christianity, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost make up the blessed Trinity. Notice the three's that often come up. Now it isnt' only the number that gets me, it's what they do. First, there's Din, the creator of Power. I take this to be the Father, who created the heavens and the earth, blew the breath of life into Adam, and is the One true God. Then we have Nayru, the creator of Wisdom. Think of this as the Son, or Jesus. As He said, Jesus is "the way, the truth and the light, none can reach heaven but through me." Wisdom is what we need to reach our goals, which for me is to reach Heaven. Finally there is Farore, the goddesses of courage. Farore could be the Holy Ghost, which leads us to Christ. To have wisdom, you must first have the Courage to get there, which is what the Holy Ghost does.

Now, don't get me wrong when I say this, I'm not saying that the Triforce should be brought into worship, I'm just pointing out that maybe there's a chance that the people who made Zelda had a little bit of faith in Christ and that's why everything worked out like this. And did you guys ever notice that in older scenes of Link, like the little graphics or in the cartoons, that there was always a big red cross on Link's shield? The cross represents that it's holder follows the teachings of Christ Jesus. Why do you think they put that in there? Not until a Link to the Past was the shield changed. Although something that isn't quite the same with the Triforce and the Trinity is that the Trininty is actually the LORD in Three persons. The Triforce is more of a seperate thing.

Hope that this made a little bit of sense to you. See, I'm a Christian more than a gamer, so I found this little bit of information rather interesting, and I thought there might be something to it. With any luck they'll post this editorial.

Staff Comments:

Ice: Christian Warrior makes a good point here. He's not being sacreligious or anything, he's just pointing out that maybe Nintendo has/had a little faith. Excellent editorial.