Gossip Stones say it all!—Princess Zelda likes to play in mud-puddles!

By Princess Zelda

Having gone through my old game file in OoT, I decided to see what all of the gossips stones said. Donning my Mask of Truth and being Kid Link: I went around and started asking those Sheikah timekeepers.

Gerudos come to Hyrule Market to find boyfriends*; Malon is waiting for her knight to come sweep her off her feet! One specific gossip stone near Hyrule Castle stuck out the most. It is the one you see before you jump into the moat to sneak around the guard at the front gate. This one said Despite her elegance, Princess Zelda of Hyrule is actually a tomboy.

Even if the 1989 cartoon takes the Zelda franchise out of context (I could point out SEVERAL inconsistencies, but that is not the point of this article. I do acknowledge that the little disclaimer during the credits of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show says that it really isn’t associated with Nintendo), it is very true. In the cartoon, Zelda likes wearing pants and helping Link fight off moblins, octoroks, and the like.

Tetra is perhaps a better example because she is part of the Official Zelda series. Tetra is a pirate and is not afraid to go up against a band of Gerudo Pirates (she makes reference to them when she talks about what bad-asses she and her group are). She even shoots light arrows at Ganondorf at the end. So much for a damsel in distress!

On that note: Zelda dressed up as Sheik because she knew it would help Link advance to the next temple. She knew it was risky and she might get caught by Ganondorf, but she did it, anyway. Zelda’s Courage is a different story, but Zelda’s tomboy-esq ways helped Link save Hyrule.

Why do all Zeldas tend to be that way? I don’t know for sure. However, I notice that in the real world, Wisdom and Tomboy-ism go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. My grandmother was perhaps the wisest person I have ever known. She was very much like a queen (at least what Zelda would be like later on in life). She also used to love to play baseball with the boys, when she was growing up.

Yes. I, too am a tomboy. Always have been. I love sports— to play them, anyway—and I like adventure (ok, long walks to unfamiliar places—but no where that has snakes: “I hate snakes!”). I also have been playing Nintendo games since I was nine years old (I’d wait until my brother was busy elsewhere and hook-up his NES— all by myself-- and play Super Mario Bros 3 for hours on end.

My Theory:

As a tomboy, I can speak from experience. The only way one can know more about the things around them (and life in general) is one has to adventure out and take it all in. You can’t just take a guess on life: you have to LOOK at it and make an interpretation based on that. Tomboys are more likely to do that: they WANT to get dirty just to know more about their physical world (and maybe the consequences coming home with mud all over them). They play video games to improve their hand-eye coordination and cognitive thinking.


Wisdom-skewed individuals tend to be very tomboyish. The reason is that they like to see their world and take it all in. This gives them a better sense of what is going on. Zelda risked getting caught by Ganondorf by teaching Link songs. The Gossip Stones don’t lie. The Gerudo don’t always intentionally break their bridges (it would look very suspicious to the construction company hired to fix it: they have to vary where they get their men).

* Not specific quotes.

Dedicated to my wise, yet tomboyish, Grandmother, Phyllis M. Barrow