The Quadraforce

By Howard

People as of late have been denying to themselves about a possible new item in The Legend of Zelda:The Ocarina of Time. Some say that the mysterious Quadraforce, if it exists, is a breach of tradition. Others exclaim out loud why can't things just stay the same? Or, the ever classic, To heck with out with the old, in with new!!! I'm sorry, but I personally welcome the new piece, if it even exists. You see, the fourth piece of the three piece of the Triforce may not exist.

No one at Nintendo has even hinted at the piece, at least not publicly, and no screenshots show the actual piece. So you may say to yourself that it doesn't exist, and write it off as an unfounded rumor.

Yet, some can still say that the Quadraforce, or Tetraforce, does indeed exist. And they, like me, have no doubts of it's existence. Why, one is probably asking at this point, would they believe in an unfounded rumor? Because they have seen all four pieces. In one place. Though the actual piece may be absent from all screenshots, Adult Link's shield shows the Quad, either together or separated by a phoenix looking bird. Look and ye shall see.

Why hasn't the fourth piece appeared in the past? It has, but since this is the first game speaking chronologically, my theory is that it has been forgotten, much as the existence of the Golden Land had been, by the time The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past took place. That is the only really solid piece of my theory, but I have come up with reasons it was forgotten. It may have been abducted by the bird, then lost forever, or may have exhausted it's powers during Ganon and Link's fight(oh, let it be so!!!) or somewhere else. No one knows what powers this forgotten piece may posses, or even what it's called( it should have a name though, as the Quadraforce of Power, Wisdom, Courage, and the other one that's always by itself, sound's fairly stupid, but not as stupid as if it was called Tonto, the Lone Triangle) But regardless of why the Quadraforce disappeared, what it's called(with the exception of Tonto, the Lone Triangle) or whether or not it even exists, we're in for a treat with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.