Library and Vault

The Library and Vault, once everything is dusted off, is sure to be one of the most expansive portions of the website. Just picture it: everything from the site's past put together in one location. That's the editorials, the articles, the "museum" ... everything. Put on your reading glasses and sit back with a tall glass of domestic Hylian wine.


The letters section, first started in April of 1998, has always been my lifeline to the people who visit the site. Countless discussions, tidbits, jokes, and a healthy dose of information and interaction has resulted from this mainstay of IZC. Dive right in ... and visit our contact page to submit the next letter for an upcoming edition.


There are nearly 200 articles, opinions, rants, and editorials in this section. They come from Zelda fans of all walks of life, and each offers a unique perspective on a variety of different aspects of the Zelda world. Exciting and informative, the editorials page is always a fan favorite.