Zelda Timeline


Yes, I know we have gone over this over and over again, but I think it is time to bring up the matter of the, somewhat complicated, Zelda timeline(simply because I'm bored and can't think of anything else to talk about). I know this is old news, but who knows, you may still find it interesting.

My theory for the Zelda timeline goes somethinkg like this...

The land of Hyrule is created as well as the Hylians, the Kokiri, the Gorons, the Zora, and the Gerudo. After their work is done, the Godesses depart but not before they leave a symbol of their power, the mystical Triforce.

After much time has passed many people begin to search for the mystical triangles and in the end, the only ones searching were those who only wanted power. In an attempt to keep the Triforce safe from such power hungry indiviuals, Rauru, the sage of light, created the Temple of Time.

Years later, Ganondorf Dragmire learns the secret to unlocking the Door of Time and gaining access to the Sacred Realm, which contained the Triforce. Link, a young boy, chosen by Destiny to be the legendary Hero of Time begins his quest to stop Ganondorf and protect the Triforce.

After collecting all of the keys to the Door of Time, Link opens the stone door, and pulls the Master Sword from its resting place and is immediatley transported to another realm, in which he is trapped for seven years. Ganondorf captures the Triforce and becomes the King of Evil.

During this time of darkness, the Imprisoning War is fought and Ganon takes control of Hyrule desperately seeking the other two Triforce parts that had been seperated when he had grabbed the Triforce. In the end, Link and Zelda battle Ganon and transport him to the Dark World.

Of course here is where Zelda Gaiden comes in, but this could mean nothing in the long run (similair to Zelda IV).

Now Zelda's descendants gain access to the two remaining pieces of the Triforce and the King of Hyrule rules with them in his possesion. During this time, he has a son and a daughter. The King lives a long life and dies leaving the prince only part of the Triforce. The prince searches all over the world for the remaining Triforce piece and eventually finds out that the King's daughter, Zelda (not the one in Zelda V) has what he is seeking. The prince questions Zelda about this but when she tells him nothing, he asks for the help of a magician. Later, the magician grows angry with the princess and casts a sleeping spell on her. The prince, realizing his mistake in asking for the magician's help, takes Zelda to the North castle and places her there so that she may one day be awaken.

Sometime later, Mandrag Ganon, manages to capture the entire Triforce(don't ask me how, I'm working on it).

Centuries later, Hyrule experiences pestilence and drought that cannot be stopped. The King then offers a reward to anyone who can stop the disasters. It is then that a stranger named Aganhim comes and mysterioulsy manages to fix everything. Aganhim later reveals himself and kills the king. He then goes about the task of breaking the seal to the Dark World so that his master, Ganon, may be free.

Zelda (descendant of previous Zelda) contacts Link's descendant, who also happens to be named Link, telepathically and asks for his help. Link then goes on a quest to save Hyrule from the evil Gannon. Link kills Ganon and takes the Triforce.

As time goes on, many people begin to wonder if Link could defeat Ganon should he ever be resurrected. To assure the Hyrulians that he could handle Gannon again, Link begins to train in far away lands. With his training complete, Link heads home to Hyrule. On his way back, he is coaught in a terrible storm and is ship wrecked on a strange island. Link meets Tarin and Marin and learns that the only way to get off of the island is to awake the Windfish that sleeps in an egg on top of a volcano. Link gather the instruments needed to wake the windfish and frees it from its sleep. Link later makes his way to land and settles down in Catalia.

Sometime in the future, the Triforce is scattered again and only the Triforce of Power and the Triforce of Wisdom are recovered.

Ganon is later resurrected and manages to steal the Triforce of Power and kidnaps Princess zelda, but not before she manages to hide the Triforce of Wisdom from him.

Link's descendant, Link, feels the need to travel to the land of Hyrule, where he feels adventure awaits. He leaves his home and makes the journey to the mystical land.

Upon, reaching the land he finds an old woman being attacked by horrible creatures. Link makes quick work of the attackers and learns of Ganon, Zelda, and the Triforce of Wisdom. Link finds the Triforce of Wisdom and destroys Ganon saving Hyrule.

Years later, when Link turns 16, he discovers of the sleeping Princess Zelda and rescues her.

Ganon, of course, is resurrected AGAIN, and terrorizes Hyrule once more.

And THAT is my theory on the Zelda timeline. I hope this was interesting read for you even though it probably isn't anything you haven't already heard.