The Mysterious Sheik

By Jesse Wilson

If you have been following "The Legend of Zelda: TOoT", you have probably know who Sheik is. But if you aren't, I'll first explain. Sheik is a mysterious harpist, that has appeared in the most current screen shots. No one knows who he is. Is he Link's ally? Or is he Link's enemy?

There has been no official information released by Nintendo about Sheik. But there have been many rumors and theories about him.

The first theory is the most obvious one. Sheik could just be some ordinairy guy who decided to help Link in his fight against Evil. With his.........Harp? This is very unlikely and very boring. I think that Nintendo would put some originality and excitement into their story and characters.

A second is a rumor that I've seen flying around. This rumor states that Sheik is actually Princess Zelda in disguise. She could have escaped from the clutches of Ganon and has to shroud her identity, since she doesn't want to be kidnapped again. This is a very good prediction, and is more likely. But Nintendo keeps reffering to Sheik as "He". But it could still be Zelda.

The third is an interesting one. From what we know of the Zelda:TOoT story, we know that it involves time travel. So, it is possible that Sheik could be Link's time travelling opposite, trying to stop Link. Or Link could be trying to stop Sheik. We know Link uses his ocarina to time travel, so Sheik would use his harp. This is definitely interesting, and a very good part of a storyline. But, from the most recent screen shots, it is obvious that Sheik is not Links enemy......

Now, what do I think?

Well, in the latest screen shots, I noticed a few things. The first was that Sheik had the same hair color, and style as Link (only parted to the side). Sheik also has blue eyes, as does Link. And they also seem to have the same posture.

This sparked an idea in my mind.

Maybe Sheik is actually Link, from the far future. Link could have come back, disguised as Sheik, and help his past self. This would be a very interesting, but complicated storyline.

I'm not saying that this is who Sheik is. No one knows. If you're reading this, you have to remember that absolutely no information has been released about him. And all of the above have been rumors that I have heard. They are not based on actual fact.

But, I have no doubt in my mind, that Sheik will be a very interesting character. And he will be welcomed into the Zelda world.