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This is where all the "neat" stuff goes. You know, the kind of stuff you can spend hours with. Need a little spice to your Zelda life? You'll find it here. Want that in-depth information that other sites don't deal with? That's here too. Just need someone to talk to? Preferably a Hylian or maybe a Goron? Believe it or not, that's here too.

Fortune Teller

Will you be rich? Famous? Will you find success and prosperity? The Fortune Teller knows, and if you pay him a visit, he'll be more than happy to tell you! (He gets paid by the fortune, so ask as many times as you wish.) Don't be alarmed if he says something a little "off" though ... some say he's a little cucco.


You've got a pretty good idea of what I think about things if you've spent a lot of time at this site (and I know that you have!) ... but what about you? This is the section where I ask a question (preferably a Zelda question!) and see what you folks think.

IZC Interactive

This may be a little too silly and theatrical for some of you, but bear with me. You didn't know IZC was a place, did you? A place, a place in time and space! This place is very near Hyrule ... and Ice has made many journeys to Hyrule and beyond. He has brought back with him not only a fine selection of artifacts from his journeys, but several characters as well. So now IZC has all kinds of characters and creatures roaming about!

And boy, they've moved right in! As if that weren't enough, they've brought their problems with them. It's up to you to help them out, and you just might find yourself thrust out into Hyrule itself on an amazing journey!


What's going on here? Why is IZC crawling with all these Zelda people? What caused this infestation, and what are YOU supposed to do about it? Read the Primer to get your start on an amazing adventure across the internet and across time and space.

Mask Gallery

Ice had a lovely time in Termina ... well ... except for the place almost going up in flames. He acquired many masks there to add to his collection.

Bottle Collection

These are no baby bottles.

Dungeon Bio Lab

Creep right in, and look alive ... Ice keeps some of the more dangerous citizens of IZC in the dungeon, and the Dungeon Bio Lab is where the Keeper performs some ... experiments ...


Do you need some peace and quiet, rest and relaxation? Stop and smell the roses. Just don't smell the bomb flowers ...

Instrument Room

Ice's legendary instrument room is home to the instruments he uses to make his equally-legendary remixes and compositions. He gathered quite a legendary assortment from his legendary trip to Koholint.

Photo Gallery

A gallery of various mementos from Ice's travels. Some are quite artistic!


A place to be alone with your thoughts and offer up wishes.

The Magic Room

Anything can happen in the Magic Room! Come see what's brewing!

Weapon Cache

IZC has enjoyed years of peace and prosperity. The people laid down the arms of war long ago. But if the need ever arises, the tools will be waiting in the Weapons Cache ...