Another Timeline

By JohnG2223

Ok, I've heard some very crazy stuff about the timeline of Zelda. I have always had the same order of the games in my head. Well, I've took the time to make up this-

Hyrulian King hides Triforce in the Golden Land, and places a curse on anyone who toches it. He hires his brother, Rauru, to look after the Triforce with his magic until the Hero of Time comes.

1. Ocarina of Time-Ganon gets Triforce, avoids curse. Link I and Zelda I defeat Ganon with help of the Sages. The entire Triforce is united and placed back in the Golden Land. Link I comes to the Golden Land, and goes in. The curse turns him into the Windfish, and he flies to an island, until Ganon uses magic to trap it in egg on Koholint Island.
Zelda I is put to sleep by a wizard.
2. A Link To The Past-Agahnim stops strange magic, kills king. Link II saves the descendants of the Sages, defeats Ganon and Agahnim in the Dark World.
3. Link's Awakening-After a skill-sharpening journey, Link's boat is hit by a storm on the Hyrulian Sea. He washes up on Koholint Island. He awakens the Windfish, and he wakes up floating on the sea. He finds the land of Catalia, and stays there.
Link II dies trying to cross the sea again.
Zelda II dies of a unknown disease twenty years after the events of A Link to the Past.
4. The Legend of Zelda-Link III comes from Catalia to search for adventure. He saves Zelda III, and Ganon is sent back into the Dark World.
5. The Adventure of Link-After learning about Zelda I's sleep, Link III goes around Hyrule collecting pieces of the Triforce of Courage. After defeating the Thunderbird and his shadow, Zelda I awakens. Ganon returns, gets the Triforce of Power. Most likely, Link III defeated him, and he was trapped again in the Dark World.
Link III dies of old age at the age of 61.
Zelda III dies of a arrow wound at the age of 43.
Zelda I dies of a disease called reppalatius, which she had never been exposed to before in her time.

Staff Comments:

Steve: There seem to be two distiinct sides, two "wings" if you will, on this issue. The first, or "left" wing is a more conservative wing that follows a timeline very close to that of Nintendo. The second, or "right" wing is a more liberal group which seems more willing to entertain some of the more bizzare theories. Sorry about this, I was up all night and the only thing that was on TV was a political news program.