Zelda MIDI Files

Note: This section is still under construction

This section contains MIDI files for each of the games in the series, plus remixes and special versions. Many of these were done by Ice himself.

We seperate things out by game (and include a special section at the end). Each game will then seperate out by song, since many versions of the same song can exist. We try to list the most "accurate" one first."

The Legend of Zelda

Game company Nintendo took a gamble with a home video game system, and Koji Kondo took a gamble with Nintendo. The result is some classic music from some classic games. For me and countless others, The Legend of Zelda started it all.

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

One of the only Zelda titles that Koji Kondo did not have a hand in, The Adventure of Link still held its ground quite nicely in the music department.

A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past is probably the most landmark game in the series, because almost every soundtrack since has simply been a derivative of it. Zelda's Lullaby? You heard it here first. Ganon's theme, Hyrule Castle, Fairy Fountain, etc.

Link's Awakening

The soundtrack is epic. It's amazing that it's from a "mere" Gameboy title.

The Ocarina of Time

The Ocarine of Time is known as a landmark game in many ways. The soundtrack had some interesting moments.

Majora's Mask

One of the deepest, richest soundtracks to ever grace a console.

The Wind Waker

One of the most expansive and unique Zelda soundtracks to date.

Spirit Tracks

The second of the Wind Waker sequels had a fairly large soundtrack for a game of this type. While most of the tracks seem like "filler," a few really stand out.