Zelda Soundtracks (OST)

Over the years, many official soundtracks have been released for the Zelda games. While very few of them have been available in North America, Japan has had quite a few of them.

Some of these are very rare or out of print, but Ice has most everything that's been released.

Sound and Drama

Definitely a collector's item. The Sound and Drama 2-disc set conatins music from Link to the Past.

Ocarina of Time Soundtrack (US)

This disc has a lot of good music, but the US was certainly shortchanged because not all of the music from the game was included.

Ocarina of Time Soundtrack (Japan)

The Japanese release has every track from the game, but in order to fit on one disc, some of them were cut pretty short.

Ocarina of Time Techno Remixes

This officially-released CD contains some remixes of Ocarina of Time tracks.

Hyrule Symphony

A collection of Zelda music (mostly Ocarina of Time) arranged for and performed by a string quartet.

Majora's Mask OST

This is one of the best soundtracks I've heard on a videogame in a long time, filled with some classic melodies and timeless favorites. Released only in Japan, this 2-CD set has over 100 tracks of music.

Majora's Mask Orchestrations

More similar to Sound and Drama than to the Hyrule Symphony, this collection features some great takes of Majora's Mask songs.