Photo Gallery

Ice has started putting together photos of his legendary photos and discoveries. They are housed here in this room!

The Plaque Says: This is a picture of Link inside North Castle, near the poor sleeping princess. You see, a sleeping spell was cast on her long ago ...

The Plaque Says: This poor boy was too sick to go catch bugs, so he allowed Link to use his net for awhile.

The Plaque Says: Link had to borrow this boomerang from the Royal Family for awhile ... we have an upagraded version of it in the Weapon Cache.

The Plaque Says: We met this interesting fellow living under a bridge! He declined to tell us why he was there, but he appeared to be in some kind of trouble maybe ...

The Plaque Says: This is Anju at her wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony ... she looked quite ravishing in her dress.

The Plaque Says: I caught an important moment between Link and his Grandmother on film ...

The Plaque Says: He's quite an adventurous lad, isn't he!

The Plaque Says: I must admit, when I saw these creatures coming, I was almost too nervous to take the shot ... luckily, Link kept his cool.

The Plaque Says: You can imagine our surprise when we spotted THIS through Aryll's telescope!

The Plaque Says: I had to take a picture of Miss Tetra before attempting to get her down from there.

The Plaque Says: Another very scary shot of that huge bird!