On the surface, Ice's Zelda Central is just an interactive website. But at its heart, IZC is an adventure that will take you to distant lands and across time and space to find the legendary Triforce! Along the way, you will unravel mysteries and piece together puzzles stemming from one of the greatest legends of all time: The Legend of Zelda!

Getting Started at IZC

My friend, you have reached Ice's Zelda Central. It didn't take you long to realize that IZC isn't a normal Zelda site, did it? Your first visits may be a little confusing as you figure out how things work around here.

You've probably taken a few clicks around, and you've no doubt noticed that various characters tend to pop up now and then, such as her:

or any other Zelda character. It's true, these characters have moved to Ice's Zelda Central from Hyrule, and they're staying with us. What this means is that you will probably encounter them as you navigate the site. They have useful and interesting things to say (most of them, anyway ...), so do take the time to listen to what they have to say.

Occasionally the characters will invite you to do something with them. This happens at the Cinema quite frequently (most Hylians love seeing movies!), so poke around!

IZC is a site that's bustling with life. You can spend time with the Hylian residents (go listen to some music with them, spend some time in the garden with them, see a movie, etc.), or explore things on your own. There is a nice instrument room where you can play some Zelda songs on a variety of instruments. You can go to the Music Hall and get some soundtracks. You can go to the Library and read our extensive book collection. Pay the Fortune Teller a visit ...

IZC puts the world of Zelda at your fingertips. The site is very dynamic. This is something you may not know. You can build relationships with the various characters, and unlock various portions of the site ... what you see on your first visit is not all that there is to Ice's Zelda Central ... in fact, there lies hidden in the site a few secret warp tiles that allow you to go to Hyrule itself ...

Not all of these warp tiles are active at the same time! And you will quickly figure out that IZC is a place where anything can happen. Expect anything! You never know what's going to happen ...

Don't worry if you don't understand or get the hang of the site right away. There is an amazing amount of depth to the site, and it could take someone a very long time to find all of the secrets. Just have fun here. IZC has Zelda artifacts from all over time and space. And interact with people (you can find "real" people at the discussion forums!). Talk about stuff, read stuff, live the world of Zelda. After all, why else would you visit Zelda fan sites?

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions (you can reach me at the post office, too).

Have a great time!


There are currently 1428 text interactions.
There are currently 18 characters living at IZC.
There are currently 31 unlockable secrets.