The Legend of Zelda MIDI Files


Intro 1
This is a pretty straightforward version. The organ is a pretty powerful way to start things off though!

Intro 2
This one has more harmony and a chime-effect to it.

Intro 3
Different percussion, some stereo

Intro 4
This one is primarily piano.

Intro 5
One of the first Zelda files on the 'net that I didn't create. On basic sound cards, it sounds most like the original.

Intro 6
Slow. Really slow. Has kind of a space age feel to it.

Intro 7
By Jarel Jones. Nice. A lot of major-to-minor key changes. I'm pretty sure that's what the maker of this file was going for.

Intro 8
A deep, sci-fi one. Great stuff. On the right sound card, this one is one of the best of the bunch.

Intro 9
A relaxing remix of the Intro theme, with a lot of brass.

Intro 10
Even brassier.

Intro 11
By Jarel Jones. A nice remix that was made using the piano and the flute. An excellent version of one of my all-time favorite Zelda songs.

Intro 12
By John N. Engelmann. A dramatic, orchestral remix.

Intro 13
An excellent, dramatic remix utilizing the flute and the piano. There are some interesting parts.

Intro 14
By PJ Barnes. A slower version. Good use of percussion and horns.


Overworld 1
A unique version, emphasizing the harmony of the piece.

Overworld 2
Sci-fi Zelda.

Overworld 3
By Jeffery M. Colletti. Sounds very close to the original.

Overworld 4
An all-piano version.

Overworld 5
Wide stereo field.

Overworld 6
This remix of the classic Overworld theme uses the orchestrated approach. I wish it weren't so short.

Overworld 7
The Overworld; jazz style.

Overworld 8
By Ross Alex. A nice "water" remix.

Overworld 9
When I found this, it was labeled as "Zelda Mario Paint." I guess this is what a remix of the Overworld Theme would sound like when sequenced in Mario Paint.


Dungeon 1
The dungeon theme, played with an organ and a sci-fi sounding-voice.

Dungeon 2
A fast version that ups the intensity factor a bit.

Dungeon 3
The somewhat famous version with "A Final-Fantasy thing to it."

Dungeon 4
The chords really surround you as the electric guitar strokes you with the melody.

Dungeon 5
A mad-scientist version of the "Final Fantasy" version. Didn't correct any of the mistakes ... don't mess with classics!

Dungeon 6
By Jorge D. Fuentes. Very bassy!

Dungeon 7
By Michael Crowe. The melody flourishes and the added percussion take you on a small journey.

Level 9

Level 9
The background music to Level 9. Sounds pretty close to the NES version.

Game Over

Game Over 1
By Princess Peach Toadstool. You hear this when you die. It's a pretty good piece of music.

Game Over 2
By John Sjogren. A few missteps but it sounds nice.


Ending 1
I think this one is by Princess Peach Toadstool. Nice piano and bass.

Ending 2
Turns into almost a show tune.


By John Engelmann. This is the short piece that plays when you lose your last heart.

Get Triforce

Get Triforce 1
By Jeffery M. Colletti. The little clip that plays when you find a piece of the Tri-force. VERY close to the original.

Get Triforce 2
By Johan Fall. A nice version using the orchestrated approach.

Ganon Appears

Ganon Appears
By Johan Fall. The music that plays when you meet up with Gannon.


By Jax Mandrake. Did anyone else notice that the flute in Zelda 1 and the flute in Super Mario Bros. 3 both play the same melody?


When you find a secret.