June 24th, 2003

Just like I asked, Andy e-mailed me, although I'm holding his letter until next edition. This edition, I'm going to be taking care of some of the "real" questions that are coming in, and next edition, we're going to be discussing Drefan Rahl. I've gotten quite a few people's opinions on him ... and he's even sent in a new letter.

If you'd like your opinion on Drefan Rahl to be published here, hurry up and send it to me.

Keep e-mailing us at sillychillyman@myself.com. We love hearing from you.

Popo writes: Do you need any help with your site. I'm looking for ways to waste my summer.

Ice replies: Yeah, some help would be great. We don't need any staff members, but it'd be nice if you could do some Fan Art, write some Articles, and submit anything else you can think of.

Chaz adds: Working for Zelda Spirit is a great way to waste your summer. I highly recommend it.

Jerrycat writes: your fanart has exploded! your letters has exploded!

how do you make a website explode???

Ice replies: Thanks for the heads up on our exploding site.

Every time I update something a lot, he tells me it explodes. At first I was puzzled by these cryptic messages, but now I see the light. Maybe you're a little too obsessed with exploding updates.

Garbagefan02 writes: Wind Waker sucked. It has no replay value at all. It's a kids game.

What happened to the realistic Zelda that we were promised?

Ice replies: We were never promised a realistic Zelda game. Nintendo has hinted that one may be in production, but we haven't seen anything on it.

You don't like Wind Waker? That's too bad ... I thought it was good. It's not the best game in the world, but it's nice.

James writes: I have been visiting this site for about four months. I think it's one of the best ones out there, but I wish you would update more.

I am writing to tell you my thoughts on the new Zelda game for Game Cube.

I found it to be very original. Zelda has been around for over fifteen years, and the makers have kept it from becoming old and tired like the Mario series. There is much originality.

The game was very fun. It was interesting to explore New Hyrule. There are many interesting people in the sea.

It was challenging. Each temple was new and different. The only problem is that there weren't enough of them.

I will write you more another day.

Ice replies: Thanks for writing, James. I'm glad you liked the game.

What I liked about Wind Waker was that each puzzle was unique. There were very few repeats, if any. None of them were very hard, but that didn't really matter because they were all so diverse.

Andrea writes: How do you join the letters team? I'd really love to help you answer letters!

Ice replies: We're not really looking for anyone right now. When we DO start looking for people, we'll post something about it on the main page.

Ice: This edition was just to get some of the regular letters out of the way. In a few days, I'll post an edition with all of your letters about Drefan Rahl. Be there!

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