March 20th, 2003

We haven't begun receiving many responses to the last edition yet (which probably has something to do with the fact that this edition is being compiled before that one has even been posted), so here's another one that has letters sent to me during the era of the old Zelda Spirit. There's still tons more of those, but I'd rather be using new stuff. So send in your letters!

This edition's focus is on the new game coming out soon, the Wind Waker. We have a special guest this week, Zed, who graciously volunteered some of his time to answer those burning questions. He'll be back next edition for more, so send in your Wind Waker questions.


Goots writes: in takt of the wind, do you get to play as adult link?

Zed replies: No. Sorry.

Ice adds: An adult Link just wouldn't go with the style of this game. In this bright and cartoony world, I'm sure even the adults will look sort of like children.

Zed confirms: They do sort of. You can tell who is an adult and who is a child however.

Chaz asks: Can you tell who's a girl and who's a guy?

Ice answers: Yeah, I'm sure you can, unless the game features your family.

Chaz replies: Ok then.

ramon happy writes: Hello clown yep its a pitty that the zelda games are loosing there long playing fun and there details. But i have a question will nintendo go down ? you know just like sega please mail me back . GREETS

Ice replies: This one doesn't really have to do with the Wind Waker, but it's about Nintendo in general. I think it's referring to an article by Maniacal Clown that's no longer on the site ... anyway, I doubt Nintendo will go out of business. Sega hasn't really "gone down", just it's console. It's still developing games.

Zed adds: The Wind Waker is awesome. There's no way Nintendo will go down.

Dixon mutters: No third-party support, the lowest sales figures of any console (software AND hardware), and four to six months between must play titles. Yeah. There's no way Nintendo will go down.

Jeff writes: the new link screams like a girl ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

dont put this on your sight

Ice replies: Oh, ok.

Chaz comforts: Sorry Jeff.

Zed adds: The new Link doesn't sound like a girl. He sounds like a young boy, because that's what he is.

Dixon disagrees: Have you PLAYED the new ALttP? Show me a 16 year old boy who yells like that, and I'll show you a kid who's swallowed a helium tank whole. Or Ice.

Rhonda writes: "Takuto of the Wind". Maybe it has a tie with Link's Awakening???

Ice replies: Hey, that's a good observation. Link's Awakening had the WIND fish, which was SLEEPING, and this one is the WIND WAKER.

Chaz tries to be funny: Wind BREAKER.

Zed adds: There's not really a tie with Link's Awakening. There is a big tie with Ocarina of Time.

Chaz tries to be funny again: Wind WANKER.

Ice replies: Shut up Chaz.

Chaz: Wind... I dunno. Shut up.

Dixon: New game! Let's think of stuff that rhymes with "Chaz"!

tetmm writes: ww is almost here! i preorderd. the bonus disk is cool, but master quest is too hard. question: how long will ww take to finish? 10 hours? 50 hours? 100 hours? i hope its 100. call me tetmm, and i'm a fan

Zed replies: Fifty hours sounds about right. It may take you shorter, because I couldn't understand the text. It's probably not very hard if you can read the text.

Ice replies: Master Quest is hard, but that's the fun of it.

Chaz displays his lack of skills: Yeah, I got to the tree and I was like screw it.

Ice is shocked, but not surprised: You screwed the Deku Tree???

That's it for now. We learned some very interesting things today, children. There is a strong tie with Ocarina of Time. You can't play as Adult Link. The Master Quest is hard. Chaz's family is gender-challenged. Link screams like a girl. And Chaz had a wild night with the Deku Tree.

Have a something to say? E-mail the editor at sillychillyman@myself.com. We'll probably print your letter. We'll print anything.

Dixon: And we mean, ANYTHING. We let Chaz talk about his midnight encounter with the Deku Tree, didn't we?