March 16th, 2003

Welcome to the first edition of letters. This is an age-old tradition at every site that we've been a part of, and we hope that you enjoy it. Remember, all letters can be sent to us at sillychillyman@myself.com. So without any further ado, on with the show.

ZeldaMastr writes: ur link is dead

Ice replies: Hmmm? Sounds like a death threat for our hero.

Chaz adds: Damn straight it does. What kind of a sicko kills video game heroes AND uses bad grammar?

Ice exclaims: Why, a ZELDAMASTR!!!!!! (cue techno ZeldaMastr theme)

Chaz shouts: YEEEHAAWW!

jimbob676 writes: I like your site, but the black and green is a little ugly. I get the forest theme, but I don't like the colors.

If you insist on keeping the forest theme, why don't you make it brown in the fall, and white in the winter? That would rocks...

I found the triforce in Zelda 64.

Chaz gurgles: Triforce...... MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........

Ice replies: Well JimBob, since you didn't like the colors, I stayed up all night a couple months ago and changed them ... just for you. Well ok it wasn't just for you ... and it wasn't even me that changed them ... but hey, that's a pretty interesting idea about changing the colors depending on the season. And the old Zelda Spirit wasn't really a "forest theme", though I can see how you thought that.

Chaz gurgles: Forest........ MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........

Dixon adds: It was actually supposed to be a marshmallow theme, but I can see where you'd mix the two up.

nsyncbsb writes: 2 wurds. tetraforce.

Ice replies: 2 wurds. Soon.

"A Fan" writes: Are you really the Ice from Ice's Zelda Central?

Ice replies: Believe it or not, yes.

Nebula adds: And he has a "WATCH FOR ICE ON BRIDGE" sign that one of his friends stole for him hanging on his wall... just thought some of you might be interested in that. :)

Chaz is puzzled: Yeah, he does. What's the deal with that...?

Dixon muses: Coincidentally, I'm also really the Dixon from Ice's Zelda Central, and that's really the Nebula from Ice's Zelda Central. Or... are we? *lightning crashes*

Well, that's all we've got today folks. There are still several in the mail account, but most of them are telling me that the old version of the site doesn't work, and we're well aware of that. That's why we created the new version (not because JimBob didn't like the color scheme, as Ice might have you believe).

Have a something to say? E-mail the editor at sillychillyman@myself.com.