Letters: Volume 2, Number 11

March 14th, 2006

So many letters, so little time! It's not secret that I've been short for time lately, Zelda fans, but never fear! Here's another letters section for you.


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Jeff writes: Very glad you decided to keep the forums Ice. Excellent decision.

Ice replies: They were never really in any jeopardy. They've been very good so far.

SHIEK writes: any word on the new release date for twilight princess?

Ice replies: It's still up in the air ... we'll let you know, though!

Janice writes: I heard a rumor about a pinball machine that was based on the Legend of Zelda (way back in the 80's). I've searched everywhere, but I haven't been able to find anything on it.

I saw an ad in the paper for it. Someone was offering to sell it for $600. I called the number, and no response.

If it's true, this would be quite a find!

Tell me if you know anything!

Ice replies: I've never heard of it ... a Zelda pinball machine? That would be awesome!

It's very strange that you saw an ad, and then called the number and got no answer. If someone paid good money to put an ad in the paper (or elsewhere), it's a waste of money to not have a working phone number!

Maybe the individual just wasn't home ... try it again, and get back to me ...

K writes: here's the question of the ages: soul caliber 2 vs smash bros melee.

which is better?

Ice replies: I'm a pretty big Nintendo fan, so you know my answer. Both games feature Link though, which is cool. I think most Zelda fans would prefer Smash Bros to Soul Caliber though, simply because Smash Bros has Ganondorf, Zelda, Link, Great Bay, the Temple, etc.

That ends this letters section ... hopefully I'll get a few more done later this month!