Letters: Volume 2, Number 9

February 11th, 2006

Well, the forums have been introduced, but that hasn't slowed down Letters traffic any! In fact, there are more interesting things going on in my inbox than there are on the forums!

It today's letters edition, we talk about all the little things that make up Zelda, and a few of the things that relate directly to IZC!

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Darth Taya writes: Hey, I just listened to Ice's "Nothing Set in Stone" mp3 and it is absolutley amazing. I was wondering if there is any possible way you could send me the sheet music of it because I would love to learn how to play that song on the piano. I'm not sure how all of this sort of composition is done, but if it is possible I would really appreciate if you could send me a copy.

Ice replies: I'm glad you like my music! Thank you!

As far as sheet music goes, I'm not in possession of any at the moment. I play these MP3s simply by ear.

However, you're in luck! We've started a sheet music section behind the scenes, and as soon as it's ready, I'll let you know! (Or just keep checking IZC).

Thanks for writing. Keep listening!

Terry writes: i've been trying for a week to get izc to come up on my cell phone, but it doesn't seem to work. then when i go to my computer, the site is fine!

does izc not work with cell phone browsers? yahoo will come up...

very frustrated!

Ice replies: Sites that come up on cell phones need to be programmed in a special markup language (similar to HTML). What we'd need to do is essentially create an entire new site just for cellphone users. Since interest isn't high enough, we're not going to do it ... yet ...

Steve replies: Would you really WANT to read IZC on your cell phone? Portable-friendly websites are typically very light on content, and trying to read 20 paragraphs of Zelda related content doesn't sound like fun to me.

Gamma writes: Great site, I visit every day!

One question (for my friends). Are there any plans to make IZC available in Spanish (or any other languages)?

Ice replies: IZC used to have some articles and content in Spanish. This was because, in the region I'm in, Spanish is quite popular, and I ended up speaking it rather fluently. I was even heavily involved with a girl who spoke only Spanish!

Alas, I'm not as fluent as I used to be, and creating articles in Spanish, when over 90% of our viewers are English-speaking, isn't an option right now.

HylianSage writes: I really liked your article, Can Ganon Really Die? I thought I'd comment though.

I always took the thought that Link's blood needed to be spilled on Ganon's ashes to mean that Link would just need to be killed in the name of Ganon.

You touched on the subject, but that's what I think the solution is.

Ice replies: That's a good point, and certainly a viable theory. I got another e-mail that said pretty much the same thing ...

Like Terrible Ted said on our forums, "When the Hero dies, Ganon will Rise".

There's a forum topic open on the subject, in case any of you want to discuss it further. Some interesting discussion could happen.

Well, thanks for tuning in. Even though we have forums now, let's keep the Letters section alive!