Letters: Volume 2, Number 4

January 20th, 2006

Another day, another letters. Today, we tackle the Zelda theme for Tetris DS, IZC's return, and a fellow Zelda network. Read on!

Steve Dixon would have joined me, but he's a little tied up in Zelda's 2nd Quest right now ... if you haven't played in a few years, that booger can be pretty difficult!

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Diedre writes: do you have any screenshotz of the new tetris zelda?

Ice replies: As of this writing, there are no screenshots available. But you just raised a point that I've been meaning to address.

Get excited, puzzle fans. There's a new Tetris on the way. It's for the Nintendo DS, which is slowly gaining in popularity. It's a cool little system ... two screens, cool games. The new Tetris for it is going to feature several themes from Nintendo history.

One of those themes is Zelda. That's right, our very own Zelda tetris theme.

IZC will have more information on it when it becomes available. Until them, start practicing with those blocks!

Kai writes: I remember Ice's Zelda Central from way back when (when IZC was hosted on tripod, I actually think I have your link in my favorite's on the old computer in the basement). I know I havent had my website around for that long at all (since march 1, 2005) but I have been around in the community for a long time. As soon as I saw that you've returned with your website, I was extremely delighted. But here's why I e-mailed you:

I think there arent enough good original Zelda fansites out there anymore. The majority of them now, all have the same content, the only thing that's different from each one is their layouts and webmaster, they're all the same! So I decided to make a network of Unique and Original Zelda fansites that still make their websites because they love Zelda.

IZC would be a perfect addition to the network... I'm trying to help with making the community a better place :)

The Network: http://hrevolutions.folieadeux.org/network.html

Ice replies: For those of you who haven't been yet, Kai's site is neat. And I think it's a good idea, to make a small network of Zelda sites that have more of a unique flair to them.

Mark writes: With all of the recent discussion on the Twilight Princess and where it fits, people are at each other's throats trying to find a way to make it fit in with the rest of the Zelda games. I don't think anything has been officially confirmed yet as far as the storyline, other than some basic plot details. We still don't know how it fits in with the rest of the legend.

Do you have any information on The Twilight Princess that sheds any light on where it fits in with the other Zelda games?

P.S...I love your site. Just bookmarked it.

Ice replies: Where does the new Zelda fit in, as far as the grand timeline is concerned? It's hard to say at this point. I've heard a couple reports, but I take most Zelda news with a grain of salt. That's one of the reasons IZC isn't a news site.

I think Nintendo will go to some length to associate it with one of the other Zelda games. They seem determined to make the timeline work. Truth is though, there are NO acceptable timeline theories. All of these games simply have a difficult time fitting together.

Just a few more months to wait, though, and then we'll see what Nintendo has planned for us, as far as the big timeline goes ...


Seriously, that's amazing. Thank you for granting my wish, Maestro.

Ice replies: You're welcome, Brainchild. And thank you for the kind comments on my music ...

You might be happy to know that I put up another MP3 of my work today. It's a remix of the Stone Temple Tower theme from Majora's Mask. In my opinion, it's one of my best ones. Make sure you give it a download!

As you can see, the Music section is slowly regaining its glory. It makes me quite happy to be bringing this sort of content to you!

And that's another letters section. Keep sending in your letters ... IZC is heating up!