Letters: Volume 2, Number 1

January 1st, 2006

Welcome to the first Letters edition of the new IZC. Opening week garnered a lot of interest in the site, both from new fans and old. Printed in this edition are a few of the letters we've received.

To be in the next edition, submit your own letters to zeldaice@gmail.com.

Nathan Koch writes: I can't believe my eyes.

I was browsing one of my forums, and saw that the newest registered member was "Ice_IZC". Thinking this was just a throwback to the old Zelda site, I viewed one of his posts, and low and behold, IZC is back.

Words cannot describe my gratitude to you for bringing this fine site back. Long live the greatest site of all time!

Ice replies: Welcome, Nathan.

Overall, I'm very pleased at the positive response that the resurrection of IZC has produced. Nathan's was just one of the many letters I've received about people who were very pleasantly surprised to see that Ice's Zelda Central has returned.

Thank you for the kind letter, Nathan. We look forward to providing you and the rest of the community with a lot of fun and interesting content.

Shkah_05 writes: It's always this time of year that sites like yours come back. Just in time for Twilight Princess.

What are your plans for news coverage?

Ice replies: I shortened this letter a bit, because the second half contained Twilight Princess spoilers.

The relaunch of Ice's Zelda Central has little to do with the new game coming out. Frankly, there is always a new Zelda game coming out (which we are thankful for). IZC was brought back simply because I felt that it was time to do so.

As far as news coverage goes, if there is news that is worth reporting, Ice's Zelda Central will do it. However, we're far more likely to report news on interesting events surrounding the older games than we are the newer ones, simply because that's IZC's focus. You can go to several sites for news, but where else can you go but IZC for our own little specializations on the world of Zelda?

Ganon_Prince_of_Darkness writes: When I saw news about Ice's Zelda Central coming back, I didn't recognize the name. After I clicking on it though, it all came back to me! Your site was one of my favorites. I still remember waiting for your new midis to be finished (I don't think some of them ever were), and I remember a few Zelda melodies with electric guitars and drum solos.

What a great Christmas present. Thanks Ice!

Ice replies: The music section was definitely a fan favorite a few years ago, and probably with good reason. In case you haven't been to the Media section lately, we have what will shape up to be the best music section we've ever had, with hundreds of MIDI files, MP3 remixes, and in-depth music analysis of all the games. Stay tuned!

Jeremy writes: This letter is concerning the ICZ Music CD that your site says is coming out. Is this published by Nintendo? Where can I get it?

P.S. Great site, but where are the new screenshots?

Ice replies: The CD that the Music section talks about is still being worked on, so it's not out yet. I'll post more information as it becomes available. But to answer your questions, no, it's not published by Nintendo. It's being created by this very site. And when it's complete, this will be the first place you can get it.

The new screenshots? Are you talking about the "new" ones that I posted back in 2001 when the site was still alive? Most likely you're talking about ones from the new Zelda game. We're still planning our section on the Twilight Princess, and there's no rush in getting any screenshots up, seeing as how they are widely available at places such as Nintendo.com.

And that wraps up the first Letters edition of 2006. Remember to keep sending in your letters ... as fans of IZC already know, this is a regular feature.