April 8th, 2002

Irgang writes: Spiffy flash setup on top of the pages... def. a keeper. It doesn't cut down on loading time much, either.

Ice: Thanks ... I think I'll keep it for awhile. And I'm glad it's not messing up the load time.

Thomas writes: When's E3? Will you have a section on it?

Ice: It's in May I believe ... and we'll cover only Zelda info that's released at E3 ... sorry.

Andrew writes: you missed some updates, slacker.

Ice: Heh, yeah, I did. You caught me red-handed.

Tanka: writes: ur hi-fi site isn't working........... when will it be back up? sorry to nag you again btw :)

Ice: It won't be up for quite awhile ... sorry.

Backless writes: Give us MP3s or die


Ice: Sorry ... but they're pretty illegal ... IZC may someday host things like MP3's and emulation stuff ... but not anytime soon.