March 25th, 2002

Blanka writes: It's about time you got some Majora's Mask stuff. How about some more info on the characters?

I'd give your site a 7.2 out of 10. Work on the look and some more info. There's a lot of info here in the Editorials.

Have a nice day.

Ice: More info on the characters in Majora's Mask seems like a good idea, to me. The characters have so much personality that they really deserve more attention. Majora's Mask is it's own little world, even moreso than the other Zelda games.

A 7.2 is a pretty good score, and I think it's fairly accurate. I don't think the look will be improved much in the future, but we'll be constantly adding more info.

Laura Bienko writes: Hi Ice, awesome site. The letters are really cool. I have one question that wasn't in your FAQ. Which system are the Oracle games for?

Please print this letter! :)

Ice: The Oracle games are for Game Boy Color. It has GBC after them on the Games main page, signifying that. Good question, though, with all the new Game Boy stuff coming out.

Varuna writes: I have some sad info for you. [Site name edited], located at [URL edited], has stolen tons of your articles and tons of your Fan Art. I contacted the webmaster and he said that they are not from IZC, but staff members like Steve Dixon, Nebula, Maniacal Clown, Wraith, and even you are still mentioned several times in the articles, and a lot of them still have your name at the end of them! Please tell me what's going on, my head hurts.

Ice: I checked it out, and it's true ... several of the articles that me, Steve Dixon, and Maniacal Clown wrote exclusively for IZC have been stolen and put on there (credited to their site), and SCNWO's artwork and section logos, which he created for IZC, have been stolen and put on there, too. We had someone do a little legal digging, and it turns out that the owner is Josh Kimbrel and Russ Jones, who used to be fans of IZC and people that I talked to occasionally. What's worse is that this site is affiliated with some of the awesome, honest sites out there. There's nothing that I despise more than stealing a site's original content and claiming it for your own.

Starseeker: writes: I heard about the [site that stole our content, mentioned above]. Ouch. Sue 'em.

Ice: I don't see any need to sue, or even shut them down. Sites who resort to theivery never succeed.

Tanka writes: can i use some of your music on my site?

Ice: Sure, I have no problem with that, as long as you credit either IZC or the person who sequenced the particular song you're using. If the sequencer is known, we'll list their name by the MIDI file. The only songs that I ask that you not use are MIDI's that are composed for IZC, such as the IZC Theme song (in all it's incarnations) and the various songs that were written for specific sections. Those aren't even online right now, though. Steve Dixon is still working on it ... supposedly =)