March 10th, 2002

Jaraad writes: I wrote about this before... the music section is still not done... and I am impatient...

Ice: Instead of answering that with a promise I might not be able to keep, I'm just gonna apologize for it still being incomplete ... it's Steve Dixon's territory, but it's still partially my fault that it's not done yet. I should keep on him more I guess.

Alex writes: breaking news!!1 the celda look has been changed!!!!!!! please print this on your site i'm alex

Ice: I'm afraid you've been misinformed, Alex. The Cel-Shaded look is still the look for Zelda Cubed. Apparently there's been a nasty rumor going around ...

Farthey writes: Greetings IZC. I've heard from a reliable source that Zelda has gone back to the realistic look. Care to comment?

Ice: As of now, Zelda Cubed has NOT been reverted to any sort of realistic look. In fact, Zelda Cubed has never had a realistic look. The Space World 2001 images are only a demo for the Game Cube, not any sort of game. They were just there to showcase the Game Cube's power. The same thing happened with Zelda 64 and the N64 way back in 1995 ... check out the Zelda 5 section called Zelda 64's Development for more info on that.

Martin Bakker: writes: Been having a little trouble updating lately, friend?

Ice: Yeah, a bit. Hey, how's ZHQ's relaunch coming? Some people have been waiting about three years for it ...

Alice writes: y the slow updatings? r u ok?

Ice: Yeah, I'm fine, thanks for your concern. I'm really sorry things have been a little slow around here lately ... I probably won't be able to update every day for the next few months, but as always, I will try to do it as frequently as possible!