January 17th, 2002

StarSeeker writes: Hola Ice and crew
I was a visitor of your great site back before Zelda 64 even came out. I remember there being tons of good Zelda sites, and now I've I don't think any of them are left. Your site is great, but I'd like to find other sites as well. Can you point me in the right direction?
The music on your site is great as always, but you only have it for the first three Zelda games now. What's the deal?

Ice: From what I've gathered, all of the "old school" sites have been lost except IZC. ZHQ has fallen, TGL and HTLOZ have disappeared, and the Z64 page died long ago.

Nevertheless, I'm sure there are some good sites out there. I don't know any off the top of my head, but as soon as I find a few, I'll revive the Links page.

As for the music, Steve Dixon is studiously working on bringing back the music for all of the games. He's been moving and whatnot and hasn't had time to do much site work.

Michael writes: where did you get the smash bros soundtrack? how much was it?

Ice: Actually, I bought a burned copy of it from someone I know that works at Megaplay ... it cost me $5. I'm sure it retails for more than that, though.

Jaraad writes: Are there any plans to include MP3 files on the site?

Ice: I thought of putting a Zelda MP3 up ... one a week ... and have like a song of the week or something. It's not exactly legal, so I'm still not sure we're gonna do it at this point.

Jeremysgurl25 writes: hey ICE, gr8 site. it's in my faverites.

Y doesn't the encyclopedia have people like Link and Zelda??? I'm not dissing you btw.

Ice: We've only started on the Encyclopedia ... I guess it would've made sense to start with the main characters, but for whatever reason, we started with the Zelda 5 items. We'll eventually get there ...

Martin Bakker writes: aw jeez, not again

Ice: My best friend, Martin Bakker ... yes, again!