June 27th, 2000

Slink writes: Greetings

I was somewhat offended by Nosferatu592's letter yesterday degrading your site. I'd like you to know that it's an excellent site, both in design and content. You should all be very proud.

Ice replies: Thanks Slink. But don't worry, it turns out that Nosferatu592 was just joking... and on top of that, he's a former staff member!

Nosferatu592@aol.com writes: You don't know who this is?

This is the old person from your old website. I was the sheik person that helped you with the zelda 1, zelda 2 , and zelda 3 walkthroughs.

I was just playing about your site sucking. I really like the graphics and and info. I also have a zelda site but I don't have much info on it.

Me and some of my friends are working on walkthroughs for all zelda games that are out except for the second one.

Ice replies: Hey Sheik, glad to hear from ya. I knew you had to be joking about IZC sucking =)

Good luck with your walkthroughs.

Amanda writes: hey crysaler, i'm glad to see you back on the staff. you wrote a lot of good updates when i visited and you knew alot about the story.

Ice replies: It appears Crysaler has a fan!

Crys can be reached at crysaler@usa.net if you feel the need to e-mail him personally.

Injun23 writes: yo ice
this is your fan injun joe dude
the letter graphics are awesome man
i'm an izc fan again. remember that letter about corn? haha
keep up the good work
nosfertas needs to die and go to hell man

Ice replies: Thanks for the compliments, and yes, I DO remember all the letters about corn =)