December 25th, 1999

Trinia writes: When I beat the Game ,Zelda turn Link back to A kid like nothing had happened and when I played it again I was an adult and I hadn't beaten Gannon yet.

Maniacal Clown: Because you can't save after defeating Ganon, when you return to your game it sends you to the last spot you saved which has to be before fighting Ganon/Ganondorf.

Timbo: Trinia, Zelda turns Link back into a kid because he technically isn't supposed to be an adult. After you beat Ganon, it goes to a long video, and you don't get to SAVE. If you could, then you might be able to explore as an adult, visit the princess whenever you want. But no, you can't save, so you can't explore. But hey, you gotta love that last sword blow you give to Ganon >:)

TripNIN writes: some people say navi is stupid. NO WAY!!!! Navi may be annoying at times, but she gives Link some company and she is really sweet. All she does is CARE for Link the whole journey. I like her, she helps me out. When I got confused in the begining of the game, Navi was there to help me. At the end...she fought Gannon with me and risked her life. She could have stayed with Zelda and comforted her, but instead, Navi was there to help me out, there till the very end. Navi is sweet and kind and has a huge heart for a little piece of graphics and binary information. I don't who among thinks i"m weried for this, I'm just SICK of people getting down on her. Leave her alone. She's my buddy, and I stick up for her. So there.

Maniacal Clown: Navi is stupid...

Timbo: Yeah, well, personally, I think she could have been a different color, like green or red, but I didn't think she was that helpful. Why have a fairy? Couldn't Link have a spirit? That looked like him and came out to help in fights? I don' really notice Navi that much, just part of the game.

84 writes: The part you said about fighting dark link isn't a rumor as an Adult in the water temple you must figt link's shadow in order to get the long shot. When you have beaten that part of the game then you will know that is no rumor.

Maniacal Clown: We were talking about the upcoming game. Not Zelda 64.

Timbo: I love fighting Dark Link... he looks cool!

AJ writes: I might be the ONLY person in the world who thinks this,But I think Navi is kinda cool!!

Maniacal Clown: Navi is STILL stupid...

Timbo: Hey AJ, you're not. Up this page a bit TripNIN was saying how she loved Navi and faeries. maybe you two should get in touch?

CASH writes: What is the series of steps that you must do after you fight Gannon both
times? So every time I turn the game on I just have to fight him over again?

Maniacal Clown: Oh dear...now you've confused the poor clown...maybe see above...

Timbo: That's right CASH. Those guys at Nintendo thought it would be fun to play Ganon over and over agan, instead of being able to play Twin Rova over again. You'll get bored of it after a while, trust me on this one.