December 16th, 1999

Princess Ruto writes: Nebula, Which Link do you think is cuter; blonde or brunette? I like the blonde one best.

Nebula: I think the blonde one was cuter too. Out of all the games, I think the Link in Zelda 64 was the cutest.

Socerbal writes: Hey there. I just wanted to say that this is one of my all-time favorite sites. The fanfics and editorials are great, and the music is the best I've ever seen. And the staff are all extremely cool. Ice is just so cool, Nebula is really funny, Nemesis is cool, and Steve is a great guy. Keep up the great work! :-)

Nebula: Thanks, sweetie :)

Ice: Of course I'm "so cool".... I'm frozen solid!

Steve: Wow, glad you think I'm a great guy. Of course, you probably wouldn't be saying that if I hadn't helped with that HTML on your site... :)

Maniacal Clown: Oh sure, NOTHING about me! And I'm the good-lookin' one!

Stalfos333 writes: Let's see some work done on that Tetraforce section. Miyamoto did hint at a huge secret...

And the Encyclopedia could use a fact checker, It's full of broad generalizations that span several games. Split them up.

Aren't I a pleasure?

Ice: Ahhh..... memories. For those of you don't know him, let me fill you in on a bit of Stalfos333's history with IZC: He started out as one of our most loyal visitors, submitting countless letters (a majority of which are published.... find them in previous letters sections). Then he came on board as a dedicated staff member who managed the Tetraforce section for a LOOOONG time, corrected typos and such, and answered letters. Then, he decided to retire, after a long time of faithful service. And now, we have him featured on the site yet again.

Nebula: Answer the man, Ice.

Ice: Well, ok. Yeah, we're formulating a Tetraforce update. And in the semi-near future, we'll completely reorganize the Encyclopedia. Great to hear from you again, man.

Nebula: Funny how Ice would do ANYTHING to get rid of me, yet he gives people like Stalfos333 a hero's welcome...

Maniacal Clown: Ok...I'll get around to it, Stalfos. I'm a busy man! While we're talking about it, has anyone ever noticed the pic of Link's shield in the Zelda IV booklet? It's got FIVE little triangles...odd...

Zeldaboy writes: Ice: A few months ago, you mentioned that you had an interview scheduled with Koji Kondo (the musician for all the Zelda games), and would post it on IZC as soon as possible. Well.. was the interview for real? (If so, POST IT!)

Ice: Yeah, I had the interview. But I didn't learn anything new or "secret", so I didn't feel the need to type all of it up.

Maniacal Clown: Lazy...

Princess Ruto writes again: Nebula, Do you ever get PO'ed at Ice and Maniacal Clown and Dixon and all the other people who verbally harass you? (I am the Lens of Truth.....remember?) You should kick their butts.

Nebula: YES! I get EXTREMELY angry! I sometimes think the world would be sooo much better without men...

Maniacal Clown: I don't verbally harrass her, I just playfully taunt her female psyche! Isn't that right?

Steve: For the record, I've NEVER been mean to Nebula. Well, maybe once over ICQ, but that was a while back. What you see in the letters column is just playful teasing, and she's twice as bad to us over ICQ. Very little of what is said here is actually meant. We all get along just fine, and I doubt that any staff member would disagree with me. By the way, I never sold that bridge... ]

Nebula: Aside from calling me "legs", Steve is a perfect gentleman :)

Maniacal Clown: She's never mean to me over ICQ....of course, i don't talk to her much.She's barely ever online lately.