December 7th, 1999

"Ice Should" Day! Day after day, I get e-mail after e-mail telling me what I should and shouldn't do. I thought, "Hey, I might as well compile all these in one letters edition." Why did I think that? Ask Nebula. Or not.

Tommy writes: ice should make a porno site

Ice: Um, no.

Nebula: We know this guy... I sit behind him in Biology. Don't worry, he's always like this.

Steve: It's things like this that make me glad I'm not in the public school system.

Nebula: Tell everyone what Tommy did to your chair, Ice.

Ice: I'd REALLY rather not...

Nebula: Oh, go on.

Ice: Noooo.....

Nebula: Okay. Have it your way...

Ice: You can have it your way right away at Burger King now.

Nebula: Your dog wants out. Go let your dog out, Ice. I'll paste the next letter.

Ice: Ok. Coming, Joyful...

Nebula: A word VERY similar to "come" is what Tommy did to your chair...

Maniacal Clown: I hope it wasn't during class...

Ice: No, no... it was at my house. I made him buy me a new chair.

Jeremy writes: Yeah, hey Ice, you got a great site and all, but dude, get a life! I mean, hey, yeah, liking Zelda is ok, even making a site about Zelda is kind of ok, but updating it everyday is WAY stupid. Ice, you need to get a life.

Nebula: I agree. No, just playing, Ice. You know I love you ;)

Ice: Oh, is THAT why I have this scar on my knee from you pushing me off my bike? ...I've never forgiven you for that, Nebula...

Steve: We update every day because we're nice people, and that's what nice people do. Sure, sometimes we shove each other off bikes, but for the most part, we're angels. By the way, I have a nice bridge up for sale...

Maniacal Clown: *I* don't have a life! Why should Ice?

Nebula: I can't speak for much of the staffies here, but me and Ice DO have a life. Prolly more of a life than this "Jeremy" guy does.

ZeldaBuff_1000 writes: Hello goes out to IZC! IZC in da house! Hey, Ice should tell us all his real name and stuff... he's da bomb! I worship the page you type on! ;) Nah... but I'm pretty close to it.

Ice: Thanks for the compliments, but no... heheh

Fght writes: ice you should make a pokemon site

Ice: You should, too. Heck, let's all make one. Gotta catch 'em all.

Maniacal Clown: Pika!

Steve: Fght? ... Fght? ... Does "Scaramanga2" have any special meaning to you, Fght?

Jake_575 writes: you should post a nude pic of nebula. nemesis gave me a picture of her with clothes on, and she is really hot. if you do not post it, e-mail it to me at **********. thanks

Ice: Now that's just disgusting.

Nebula: Nemesis! You're handing out my pic to scum like this? I'll kill you!

Steve: Oh sure, a low life like this gets her picture. All I get is her "interesting personality" over ICQ every weekday. Just kidding, Neb. Wanna buy my bridge?

Nebula: You are forgiven :) And no... I have my own bridge to sell. It starts my career as a Real Estate Agentette!

Maniacal Clown: Send it to me here!: Maniacal_Clown@hotmail.com

Nebula: And you had JUST gotten on my good side, Clown...

Ice: No side of Nebula is a good side.

Nebula: Ice, I have have half a mind to walk the 200 feet that seperate us and clobber you.

Ice: That's the advantage of doing this over the phone.