December 5th, 1999

TankNam writes: Hey guys (and girls, so Nebula doesn't bite my head off). I just recently found this site from a list of links at a zelda site. They ranked you number 3, and in my opinion, that is a way understatement. This is seriously the best zelda site I have ever seen. Even though you don't have everything back up, there is an awesome amount of material here. I looked in the Letters section and the Articles section, and I was blown away by the amount of stuff you have. You have more articles than all the other zelda sites combined! And you have a lot of fan Fiction, too. Just wrote to say great site, and keep it up! IZC is my #1 favorite site of all time!

Nebula: Aw, I wouldn't bite your head off!

Nemesis: I wish she'd sink her mouth into MY head...

Ice: Thanks, TankNam. It's letters like this that make this site worth all the work me and the other staff members put forth.

Nemesis: Work? When have I worked?!

Steve: I work. Occasionally. Rarely. Passingly. When there's nothing better to do.

Jerry writes: my favorite game is zelda for snes

Nebula: Wow, mine too!

Nemesis: Mine too!

Ice: Same here!

Steve: Ehh, Zelda 4. Sue me.

Ker190 writes: can we bring back the corn jokes you usedt to have?

Nebula: I dunno... can we?

Nemesis: Is it possible to resurrect something so stupid?

Nebula: I dunno... let's kill Ice and find out.

StalfosHunter writes: How do I beat the third dungeon in Zelda? Thanks.

Ice: If there's anything I hate, it's questions that don't specify what game. I'd be perfectly happy to help you out, but you're gonna have to tell me which game you're playing. There are a lot of Zelda games...

The Lens of Truth writes: I am the Lens of Truth! I can see everything! I can see right through Nebula's dress! It's a VERY pretty sight! You're a hot babe!

Nebula: Ok, here's two little words of advice:1. Get a life.
2. Drop dead. They can be done in any order you choose.

Ice: Good, I'm not the only one who thinks about Nebula in her "unmentionables"!

Nebula: Ice, you still said that, despite the fact that I live within very easy walking distance of your house. Now, excuse me, I'm going to the store to buy some eggs.