June 4th, 1999

Jeremy Rother writes: I hate to sound TOO eager, but when in the Zelda 5 music section coming? That was one of the best parts of your site. See you later!

Ice: I know this isn't a very good answer, but... soon, ok?

Kaira writes: I thought that I was the #1 Zelda fan in the world, until I explored your site (especially the character section), and found out that only the man known as Ice is a bigger fan than I am! Good job! I come to your at least twice a day (sorry, I have no life), and you're my idol! If you ever need help with anything, just say the word. A very happy fan, Kaira

Ice: Thanks for the compliments, Kaira. We try to be the best site we can be,and it's letters like yours that keep us going. And you reminded me of a good point. Ice's Zelda Central IS accepting job applications. If you are truly interested in working for one of the best game-related sites on the internet, give me a hollar at sillychillyman@myself.com.

Crysaler: Thanks again. Letters like this help keep us going through those times when we uhh.... when we don't want to be on the staff.

Stalfos333: I gotta admit that I've been neglecting the original game lately.

James writes: I have a small question, and you can take your time in replying,but are there ever going to be staff bio pages? Crysaler is my favorite staff member, besides Ice of course, and I want to learn more about him and the others. Thank you.

Ice: Bio pages are definitely planned. I'm going to wait until I acquire another staffie or two before I do them, though.

Crysaler: I'm flattered by all of these letters. Really, I am! Anyway, I'm still pushing for bios, it's a tad too hard contacting some of the staff and learning about them without going up and asking them.

Stalfos333: grrr...

Yonan writes: CRYSALER ROCKS!!! Oh, and so does that cold guy.

Crysaler: Yeah! Power to the lowely staff worms!

Stalfos333: Crysaler, Crysaler, Crysaler!!! Nobody likes me!!! *sniffle* Oh wait, I forgot who I was. Carry on.

Fredric writes: Hello. I read the staff page, and I want to let you know that the Tetraforce section was my favorite at IZC. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!! Please.

Crysaler: Tetraforce was one of the outstanding features of IZC back in the early days. It'll be back with the relaunch of the Legend section. All I can say is that it'll be back as soon as there's enough free time to put it up.

Stalfos333: Loosely translated, that means sometime during the summer, provided their are no unforseen accidents.

The Harpist writes: Hello Ice. I hardly feel worthy enough to talk to you, so I'll make this real quick. You are the best musician that has ever lived. I remember you mentioning that you've composed about 100 original songs. Please, could you post them up? I know the world isn't worthy enough to hear them, but it would give me such a powerful feeling...

Ice: You're "worthy" of talking to me, don't worry. It's true that I have composed over 150 original songs. But in the early days of IZC, I would put them up, and people would steal them and even sell them as their own. For this reason, I can't post them again. I hope you understand.

Stalfos333: Flattery gets you nowhere, when it comes to Ice. Bribery, however...

Sheik 2000 writes: I'm disappointed in the number of Tetraforce believers. Don't fret Stalfos333, I'm another supporter!!!

Crysaler: Count me in, I'm another supporter of the Tetraforce!

Stalfos333: You know my feelings on the matter.