November 17th, 1998

Scott Conrad VanderWoude The Great (from ZHQ) writes: Just thought I'd mention that IZC (Yes, I still visit IZC regularily... They're the only other serious site I've seen with decent Zelda 1 and 2 sections) got a letter about CD-i games, and they linked to our site for more information on the CD-i games.

However, they never mentioend ZHQ! They pointed to an exact URL at nth.simplenet.com (so people don't even see ZHQ in the address bar), and due to exact URL, there's no IGN ads shown as no frames are shown...

JMK: First of all, let me start off by expressing my apologies. I found that link after doing a simple web-search. I never saw ANYTHING about ZHQ in the description of the link, in the actual address of the link, OR on the page that the link takes you to. I had no knowledge that the link was to one of the pages on ZHQ's OLD site. Once again, I am sorry. Now that we have THAT out of the way, let me ask you this: Where the heck do you people at ZHQ get off on continually harrassing us here at IZC and nit-picking every single little thing that you can find that doesn't suit your tastes perfectly?!?! Last time I checked, it is NOT illegal to put up links on the web, ESPECIALLY to a site that isn't updated anymore. Further more, it is plain to see that I provided that link for the benefit of our readers who want to know more about these "lost" CD-i games. Do you have a problem with Zelda fans finding information??? Do you have a problem with readers coming to your site??? I mean, gimme' a break!! That site hasn't been updated in MONTHS! No one ever goes there anymore anyway!! You should be HAPPY that the link probably brought more visitors to your site. If it really bothers you THAT much that I was pointing veiwers in the right direction to go if they want to learn about these games, then I guess I will ask Ice to take the darn link down!! Everyone say a big thank you to Mr. VanderWoud for his b*tching and moaning. I have to sift through all kinds of letters from you goofs at ZHQ looking for some actual GOOD letters everytime I do the Letters section. You people are ALWAYS complaining about something or another. It seems that I can't even type the word "ZELDA" without you people threatening to slap a lawsuit on our hands. It appears that you guys have actually forgotten what the point of having a Zelda web-site is all about. It is about FUN, SHARING information, and providing readers with as much insight as you can in answer to their questions. It isn't about looking down on other sites, constantly threatening people with lawsuits and trying to hoard everything you come across to yourself. You guys really need to lighten up a little and stop being so snobby and paranoid. I am getting the feeling that you people at ZHQ are beginning to fear that IZC might surpass your site as the best Zelda site on the web (Which, in my humble opinion, it already has) and are trying to do everything in your power to stop that from happening. Here's some advice: Stop worrying about what WE are doing and spend your time doing something useful for your OWN site!! Again, I really am sorry for putting up that link and not mentioning you guys, but I really didn't know it went to one of your pages. I realize that this may have sounded a little harsh, but I had to get that off my chest. =]

Ice: Woa. Really, Conrad, we express our apologies to you and the rest of ZHQ (and I also apologize for JMK's big mouth). Just so everyone knows, the link to the Cd-i games that we put up yesterday was to ZHQ's old site. That site hasn't been touched in ages, since ZHQ moved to IGN's server, so I guess it really doesn't matter. And just so everyone knows, JMK wasn't saying that ZHQ doesn't update. He was saying that the link went to ZHQ's old site, before they relaunched. No one bothers with the old version anymore. So... everyone all happy now? Good.

Ryan writes: A few hours to upload? hehe. Well, if I hadn't gotten to finish her story on TGL or Juliet's own site, I might still be frustrated, because, yes, it's been a half a month, and the link to DE11 is still not working for me. Heck, maybe it's just me, but it says ff24.whatever doesn't exist on the server.....have you checked it out yourself? Anyway, no big deal, I suppose it's easier to deal with everything when there's only 8 MORE DAYS LEFT!! I just keep imagining what it's going to be like to pop the catridge in there -- I must be way too obsessed with this, it's probably going to be a bit of a let down, I'm not sure if Miyamoto can keep up with my super-hyped-up expectations. Well, just gotta hold out a bit longer... seeya

JMK: As we all know, Ice has been grounded for the last half of a month (which includes use of the Internet), so it is no surprise that the link hasn't been fixed. But hey, at least you were smart to enough to go read Juliet's work at one of the other sites she works on!! I am excited about the release of Zelda 64 too!! And I am willing to bet that Zelda 64 is going to be everything you hoped it would be and THEN SOME!! Mr. Miyamoto has never failed to live up to his expectations, and I don't think he is going to start letting anyone down now!! He is not hailed as being the greatest video game designer of all time for just nothing you know!!!

Ice: Personally, I think Zelda 64 will be a letdown for some people. Many are expecting the impossible. For some, nothing would be good enough. So it's better to have lower expectations, and then have Zelda 64 far surpass what you expected. I honestly don't think it will the best in the series, though it will probably be the most popular. Nothing will equal the magic the first four brought me. Or will it?

Michael writes: Thanks for putting a worthwhile quote onto your site. I'm glad that there are fellow CHRISTIAN Zelda fans out there. A real mix of Christianity and Zelda are "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis. Or did you already know that?

JMK: I agree that it is very cool to see Bible quotes on a Zelda site. Christianity is awesome. God has saved me countless times..... By the way, I read "The Chronicles of Narnia" when I was younger. If I remember right, "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" was the first book in that series.... but I really don't recall anything that had to do with Christianity in them.... then again, that was YEARS ago.... Thanks for the great letter Michael, as Ice always says, people like you are the reason we keep websites like this going!!

Darklake writes: You have a very nice page. Pretty cool, and lots of information. I just noticed one thing wrong, the first link on the Games:Others pages is defective. Just thought I'd let you know. Keep up the good work!

JMK: Thanks for the compliments and notifying us of the dead link! I just went and checked it out and it works just fine now. But if you hadn't told us about it, it would probably still be down. Good job Darklake! Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other problems with dead links in the future.

Ice: Tripod, our main server, has always had problems, so it's highly possible that files will occasionally go missing for awhile or even delete themselves. I really appreciate it when fans notify me of this.

Locke writes: Nice Zelda Page! I didn't really understand the Hyrule game too much, but keep up the good work!!

Can you help me get my Zelda Site more popular? I just opened it up a few days ago and I need some support to get things going. Could you possibly put up my banner or a link?

My Site:

My Banner:

Thanks a lot!!

JMK: Hyrule is actually a very simple game. It is really not all that hard to figure out at all. If you can run a website, you can figure out Hyrule, trust me. Your site would have to rank in the top 10 for it to make the "Links" section, and Ice is grounded and can't evaluate it right now, but I will provide the link right here for all the readers. It should definitely get some more visitors now. Thanks for all the encouragement and good luck with your site!! =]

Ice: That link is not part of ZHQ... just so you know.

Someone writes: I'd like to say a few things about your band, Platinum Ecstay. Don't worry, I'm not criticizing it, you, or it's songs. From the looks of it, PE is doing pretty good. I'd like see if the band can perform the Tal Tal Heights music. This is my favorite Zelda music so far, and I haven't seen it on the 'Net yet. I would like IZC to have the first MIDI of this music.

Are you wondering what music this is? Go to the Egg, but not into it. The background music is the one I want. I know its kinda hard, but justr see if you can try to work it out. If you can't play it with PE, at least try to get it sequenced or something.

Bye, and I hope that you can get everything ready for the supposed Nov.15 relaunch of IZC. Bye!!!

JMK: As Ice stated, the relaunch is going to be delayed a week or two due to the fact that he is on restriction. I have seen some of the relaunch with my own two eyes though, and it is DEFINITELY something for everyone to look forward too. It has a much smoother look to it, but I will say no more about it, everyone will just have to wait and see for themselves. About Platinum Ecstasy performing the Tal Tal Heights music, I bet they could do it no problem, but I think Ice would like to answer that for himself.....

Ice: Wait 'till the relaunch, my friend. I have six versions of the Tal Tal Heights music up there. And as for the date of the relaunch, I can tell you one thing, it's not November 15th.

David writes: How did you get the Z64 midis? Are these REALLY from the game? They sound excellent!

JMK: That is a good question. Ice?

Ice: A friend of mine owns the E3 1998 video. On that video are about 25 minutes of spoiler Zelda 64 footage. I closed my eyes for the most part. One thing that really struck me (as I sat there like an idiot with my eyes shut) was the music. Link's girly voice was horrible, but the music... the heavenly music... I went home, with the song fresh in my head, and sat down at the piano. Three hours later, I stood up. I had figured out the Kakariko Village theme (which is essentially the same), and the Meeting Zelda theme. I worked for several more hours putting the Meeting Zelda theme into MIDI, and... that's it! As for the Overworld theme, a musician who attended E3 1998 sequenced the longer Overworld MIDI, while me and Platinum Ecstasy did the shorter theme (that can be heard in the Gallery as the background music). That was one of Platinum Ecstasy's last songs together, since we broke up in the end of June.