October 28th, 1998

Junior writes: Okay, I got a problem here. I preordered Zelda 64 way back in February of 98. And now, everyone's saying that only people who preordered between October 25 and November 25 are going to get their game in gold. Please shed some light on this matter, and tell me what to do about it as well.

Ice: Actually, the dates are October 24th to November 23rd. And to tell you the truth, I really have no idea about what's going to happen to the people who preordered their game months in advance (as I did). I guess only "time" will tell! (Sorry for the stupid "time" thing).

OB1 writes: hi star wars is my vary favorite game. I have a really good idea. You can make a zelda and star wars site. that would really kick a*s

Ice: Hehehe…. NO! Sorry for the outburst, but I really don't like Star Wars all that much. My heart belongs to Zelda, and that's where it's staying.

Jonathan writes: Hello, Ice and staff.

I'm glad that you have ceased from making fun of ZHQ. I am very pleased to see that Ice himself never participated in such onslaughts. Thank you for your great contribution with your site, and I encourage you to keep it up.

Ice: Thanks.

Stephen writes: ice hahaha you have been grounded no I bet you are really in jail bye bye bye

Ice: Yep! Jail's pretty good. We get all the internet we want (that's how I'm typing this, you know), and the food's great!

Juno writes: Ice! For what reason has this onslaught of groundation been thrust upon you?

Ice: More questions about my "groundation"! You people are vultures!

Anders writes: Good evening, sirs. I have been a visitor of this great site for about a month now. During that time, I have come to love Navie as much as you all have, and her departure greatly saddens me. I beg you to tell the world the real reason why Navie left. Please, write an editorial on the matter.

Ice: She left because of school. And she is greatly missed. As for an editorial, you just got it. "She left because of school". Seriously, though, I encourage you to e-mail her at navie@zeldafan.com and tell her how much you cared.