August 9th, 1998

SCNWO writes: After reading numerous letters about people wanting a Zelda All-Stars game in many different videogame sites, I thought of something.  Since Zelda 64 is going to be 256 megabites, don't you think they could squeeze in four small games?  This would be an answer to why Nintendo doesn't comment too much on an All-Star game (they want it to be a surprise), and also make Zelda 64 sell more.  To me, it would make perfect sense.

Ice: It makes perfect sense to me, too. But have you read my Zelda All-Stars Editorial? Nintendo doesn't exactly think straight all the time. Yes, they could squeeze in at least Zelda 1, 2, and 4. But will they? No. Why not? I'll let Navie answer that one.

Navie: 'Cause they're basically just plain STUPID.

Ice: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Navie: We know.

J-Man: This one's over my head, guys!

Navie: Just what we need. Another moron!

JMK: Hey Ice, maybe we could get some kind of a "Zelda All-Stars Petition" going or something. I mean, everybody knows that Nintendo won't listen to just one or two people's requests, but what if we got THOUSANDS of people to "sign" (name and e-mail address, for verification) an online petition and sent it to them? It might not do any good, but if you could get all of the Zelda sites on the net (or at least the ones that you have links to) to "carry" this petition (or links to it), and then combine the "signatures" (if each site had it's own, seperate petition), then there would be so many requests that Nintendo might actually listen!

Ice: Great idea. I think there's a site that is specifically for this (and bringing back the cartoons), so if we could wake that webmaster up (the page hasn't been touched in a year), and get other site's support to link to this site (or start our own petition), then I think Nintendo will at least listen to what we have to say. I talked to ZHQ about something like this a few months ago, but they basically said "Get real, kid."

Navie: Freaks.

SCNWO writes again: I recently gave in and rented Banjo Kazooie, and it's an ok game.  But when I remember people writing into videogame sights that Banjo's graphics are as good or better than Zelda 64's, I truly believe that they are on crack.  I mean the graphics are obviously good, but nothing compares to the screenshots of Zelda 64.  Some of the people even said that now they don't need to buy Zelda, which means they are mentally handicaped (so let's not make fun of them anymore).  When will people realize that Zelda 64 will be the best game ever until Zelda 6 or possibly Perfect Dark, possibly.

Navie: What do you mean "let's not make fun of them anymore?"

Ice: Then Navie will be out of a job! Seriously, though, Banjo-Kazooie's graphics are exceptionally good, but they still don't top Zelda's. And the graphics don't make the game, as Playstation learned the hard way. The game makes the game. And in that area, Zelda will obliterate everything else.

Navie: How many times do I have to tell you? It's not PLAYstation, it's GAYstation!

JMK: Gaystation is lame!! You have to wait too long for the darn games to load!! Anyway, anybody that says they don't need to buy Zelda 64 because they already have Banjo-Kazooie is not a real Zelda fan!! What the heck does Banjo- Kazooie have to do with Zelda?!?! I'm going to answer my own question- NOTHING!!!

J-Man: I am a proud owner of an N64, and (with the exception of Megaman X4 ) GAYSTATION STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyrus writes:Hi, my name is Cyrus, and I run the webpage "Link's Ocarina". Thank you for the complement in my guestbook, and after i read it, i went to your website, checked it out, and put a link to your page in my links section. If you want to, now you can link to me. I think you have an excelent site, and the prayer section made it that much better. Thanks again...

Ice: I think the prayer thing adds a lot, too. Most sites don't include God in there at all, and there's really something wrong with that. The mention of God and stuff is something that no other Zelda site really has (with the exception of Ben's page), and I think that the only way to prosper with this page is to include God.

JMK: God is AWESOME!! He's saved me SO MANY times...

J-Man: In fact, I am in the prayer request (But I won't tell you who!) I like it,too!

Navie: Jeanette! Is it really you?!

Bond17Z writes: Where is the Power Bracelet in Zela Links awakening?

Navie: Yes! Another elaborate letter from James Bond!

Ice: The Power Bracelet is in Level 2: Bottle Grotto. Getting inside the level is the main part. You have to save Bow Wow from the Moblin's HQ, and then take him to the swamp. Enter the level, and bumble around until you find the Power Bracelet. You need the bracelet to beat the boss. For more help on Link's Awakening, check out the Zelda 4 part of my Games section.

JMK: If I remember right, there is also a level 2 Power Bracelet (which allows you to pick up heavier objects) in the Face Shrine.

Ice: Yep. Good job.

J-Man: You guys are so smart : )

J-Man writes: Yo,Ice! Me again.I just wanted to compliment you on your background.IT IS SO COOL!!!!!!I love how it has the Master Sword,the Triforce,the moon(or is it the sun?),and the water.Facinating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Also,I'd like to ask you to E-Mail me soon,Okay?I also love the selection of fine sections to choose from!But,I would like to suggest a section I always love...A FAN-FICTION SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!I love to write Fan-Fics and I could supply lots of stories!Please respond soon,Kay?C-ya!

Ice: Hey, do you know this guy, J-Man?

Navie: Please tell me that was sarcasm, Ice.

J-Man: Oh, no! He's loose! My evil twin is loose! Run for your lives!!!!!!

Jaraad writes: hey ice have you seen the latest zelda pics at nintendo.com?!?!? for one thing they are truly breath-taking but i think the biggest news is that the mysterious harper has a name.....Shiek!!!! that is so cool, check it out you will love it, this is going to be the best game ever!!!!!

Ice: Well, even though this puts a little damper on your Link-Harper theory, you don't really seem to mind. The screen shots are awesome! But I don't really like Nintendo releasing all this info on Zelda 64. There ruining the game for millions. And you're right, this is going to be the best game ever!

Navie: Wow Ice, you little genious you! This is more monumental than when you graduated 1st grade... last week!

JMK: I KNEW IT!!!! (No offense Jaraad!)

Navie: Why isn't JMK running this site?

J-Man: Navie, weren't you in "A Link to the Past"? Yes, you were that fat faerie in the pyramid! You were good... Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice: Now this is my kind of guy!

Jim writes: I like the new Fan fictioin section. I just think that the writer of the Family story should make the colors more readable.

J-Man: First of all, do you know how hard it is to keep the colors different? REALLY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!! I stayed up 'till 5:00AM!!!!!!!!!!! SO DON'T CRITICIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, time for my "Quote Of the Day". "A rolling stone gathers no moss." Think about it!

Navie: Time for my "Quote of the Day". SWITCH TO DE-CAF, you hyped-up freak!!!