June 9th, 1998

Courtney writes: That was awesome in the Chat Room a few weeks ago, Ice. Where did you go on vacation? I bet it was pretty tough to part with your site. Or maybe not... Anyway, I just want you to know that Zelda Headquarters IS BACK ONLINE! NOOOOO!!!! Right now, since all of his pages aren't complete yet, you two are about equal, and if you struggle and launch one of your secret projects, you'll certainly pull ahead. Now is the time, Ice. Now is the time to seize control of the Zelda internet viewers, and today is the day. You have to complete one of your secret projects, Ice. YOU HAVE TOOOO!! You simply must. And I'll keep today's letter short so that you'll have more time to work on them.

Ice replies: You're right about the secret project thing. I have to complete one of them soon. But the motive behind that isn't what you appear to think it is. I have said this many times before, but it looks like I'll have to say it again. I am not out to destroy Zelda Headquarters. Not at all. They are the ultimate Zelda site. There is no way that I can even hope to pass them up. Even their Zelda V section alone passes up my entire site. But that doesn't mean that I will stop striving to make this website the best it can be. Not at all. And I will now focus all of my internet time into Secret Project C, so I'm sorry if I don't update tomorrow. I probably will, though, anyway. And when I complete it, it's going to be huge, so it will be an entirely new section: something to infinitely look forward to. Not many people really know about this site (seen the darn hit counter lately), and I intend to keep it that way until I complete two of the secret projects. Then, I'll slowly climb my way to the top, until it's almost comparable to Zelda Headquarters. But I will never pass it. Ever. Oh, and about my vacation, I went to Washington D.C. It was pretty cool there.

Zest32 writes: I would like to know the names of all the enemies and what they look like. And I would also like to know the names of all the wepons and what they look like pleas help me.

Ice replies: I'll always help a friend in need. You want help, you got it. After the Secret Project C is completed (which will be this week), a weapon and enemy gallery will show up here. Thanks for the idea. It's viewers with questions that spur ideas that really make the difference in a website. So look for a weapon and enemy gallery soon. Very soon.

Werner18 writes: This is a pretty cool site. And I would just like to tell you, i know what one of your secret projects is! I know it! I know it! It's a weapon and enemy list! You let it slip on the main page! Ha! And you thought it was a secret. Well, I'll have you know, I figured it out! all that Zelda playing pays off!

Ice replies: Well, I think you need to play Zelda just a tad bit more, or stop using the stratagy guides on this site, because a weapon and enemy gallery IS NOT one of my secret projects. That is a good idea, though, and we can thank zest32 for the inspiration for it.

ER Fan writes: This question has been burning up inside of me for the longest time, and I asked it to The Master of Hyrule at Zelda Headquarters, but he just put a pretty dopey response in his FAQ. So I decided to ask you, which I probably should have done in the first place. Anyway, okay. In Zelda 2: the Adventure of Link, who is the wizard at the end of the game? Is it Gannon? Just a wizard? Or is it Agahnim, as I used to think? Please, help me on this. Thank you for your time. Please answer.

Ice replies: Well, it would have been pretty tough to ask me before you Zelda HQ, because my site didn't even exist yet! Anyway, back to the question. You know what? That is one of the most difficult questions that I have ever had to deal with. This beats last week's "Is the whistle in SMB3 the same as the one in The Legen of Zelda?" I'm going to offer some possibilities, but the fact is, no one is really sure. But I'll try to explain it the best I can.

1: Many think that the wizard guarding the Triforce of Courage is, in fact, Agahnim, the power-hungry wizard from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. While this is the most populart theory, I can prove that it is not true. A Link to the Past takes place BEFORE Zelda 2 (Zelda 3 is chronilogically second, and Zelda 2 is chronilogically fourth). And, if you recall, Agahnim died in Zelda 3. But he is a wizard, and may have possesed some immortality or something. But if he's dead, hey, he's dead. We saw him die with our own little eyes. And the little gray-bearded dude at the end of Zelda 2 looks nothing like our friend Agahnim. But, still, there is a slight possibility, but I seriously doubt that it is Agahnim.

2: The most popular belief among Zelda historians is the belief that the little wizard guarding the Triforce of Courage is the same wizard that cast the sleeping spell on Princess Zelda. This is the one I mostly believe to be true, especially since the wizard seemed as if he would do anything to keep her from awakening. But who was the wizard that cast the sleeping spell on Zelda? Sheesh. I'll tackle that one another day.

3: One of the more simpler explanations is the belief that the wizard at the end of Zelda 2 is just a guardian that the gods of Hyrule placed to protect the Triforce of Courage. I do not believe this to be true, since the gods created the Triforce complete. No one is exactly sure how it got split up, but I assure you, the gods did not do it. So, therefore, the little guy couldn't be entrusted by the spirits to guard the supreme treasure.

4: The final explanation that I can think of offhand is the belief that the King of Hyrule or someone like that entrusted the wizard to guard it. Maybe the wizard is actually one of the Seven Wise Men. Maybe if Link just told the little dude that he needed the Triforce to wake up Zelda, he could have saved himself quite a battle. *sigh* I need another vacation.

Genty writes: Do you know what? Zelda Headquarters copied your music idea! TRhey now have different miscic on each page, just like you do! So Zelda Headquarters copied you! Just thought you might want to knwot that. It almost kamkes you feel good inside because a mighty poewr like that likes your ideas.

Ice replies: The idea of having different music on each page has been around since the beginning of cyberspace. I just happened to have it in the world of Zelda before any other Zelda website. Neil's (Zelda HQ's founding father) probably doesn't even know about Ice's Zelda Central, so, therefore, he didn't copy, and even if he did, it's no big deal, because lots of sites have different music on each page. Just calm down.

/Unknown/ writes: you have a great website keep it up you are good do more more letters thank you dont print dumb letters any more thank you

Ice replies: Sorry, but I just did. No, just kidding. Your letter was a great compliment to me and my work, even though it took me awhile to figure out where the punctuation should go. And no letter is dumb if it has a question or a comment. But I've recieved a couple that just have a buch of letters. Please guys, don't do that. It's scary.

Zelda writes: You probably don't remember me, but I'll remember you forever. I had a letter featured in the last letters column. You are the person that is responsable for getting me hooked on The Legend of Zelda! And I just want to thank you again, and tell you that I beat Zelda 2, and I just bought Zelda 3 today. The graphics, the sound, the gameplay... all of it is great, but the thing that truly sets it apart from everything else is just a magical touch found only in Zelda games. And I'm going to beat this one all on my own, without any help from a Zelda 3 Startagy Guide that you'll prabaly have before I even find the real elder in the town. Thanks again, Zelda is truly magical. I love you and your site.

Ice replies: So if my website even influences just one person for Zelda, as it clearly has, my work is not in vain. Thank you, Zelda, and I'd love to hear from you again. Remember, if you need any help at all in the games, just e-mail me, and I'll send you back the answer. No question in too big or too small for THE ZELDA MASTER! *clapping* *Ice bows* *Ice falls off the stage* *crowd laughs* *Ice cries* Fat lady sings Yankee Doodle in a chicken costume* *crowd leaves* *Ice is all alone* *Ice decides to start working on the scret project* *flute boy cheers* *flute boy sticks a fork in a toaster* *thus endeth another letters column* *see you soon* *bye* *see ya* *bye* *goodbye* *are you still reading this* *leave already* *bye* *see ya* *I'm gone*