Monthly Report - February 2006

By Ice

Sorry this report is coming in so late ... it's been a very busy week.

Zelda fans, thank you for making February such a great month! In addition to some great Zelda-related material, we also saw the Super Bowl and Valentines Day. Those are always two big highlights for me.

The Letters section was busy. There were lots of great points raised in the 4 editions that came to us in February. Thanks to everyone who participated!

New features were added to IZC, and that's always a good thing. IZC has been very feature-heavy, and that tradition will continue.

We had more MIDI files, particularly from Zelda 3. Which has one of the best soundtracks EVER.

The biggest highlight of the month was probably the Zelda 64 Development feature, which I still get e-mails about!

We also added the forums. I was a bit reluctant, but there they are, and people (for the most part) have been behaving responsibly on them.

I'm glad that the forums did not become a focal point of the site ... the other areas are running just as they did before. In fact, very few of our viewers even use them, which kind of reinforces my faith in IZC society =)

We had some cool background music show up as well, such as the "Steve Miller Zelda mix" ... glad many of you enjoyed the fusion of two classic themes!

I've also been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, and plan on giving some of you a full preview of a new feature very soon ...

To top it all off, we had 9 editorials. Pretty good stuff.

So again, thanks for making February such a great month. I look forward to increased productivity and participation from all of my loyal visitors!