The Greatness of Ice's Music

By Dark Link

Who writes the music that all of Hyrule listens to?

Who writes the beautiful renditions of classic Zelda tunes that Zelda fans sing in the shower?

The answer won't surprise you. It's Ice!

Our very own webmaster is one of the most talented musicians on the planet (and don't flame me for my opinion, either). For over ten years, Ice's takes on Zelda tunes have been a hallmark of the Zelda community. All of you have heard his genius, whether you know it or not. That's right, Ice is responsible for most of the Zelda midis online from the beginning up until just five years ago!

He was the first to come out with a version of a song from Ocarina of Time (a version of Zelda's lullaby that doesn't sound much like the final version! It's quite a piece.) He was the first to remix many popular tunes, as well as many tunes that are being overlooked even today.

The letters section gives us a small glimpse into some of Ice's inbox. People continually send him praise for his musical accomplishments. And it's well-deserved!

Let's sum up why Ice is such an important figure in the Zelda music scene:

- He was the first to make midi files of most of the classic Zelda songs

- Many of those are still in circulation today. No doubt you've heard them without even realizing it

- His MP3 remixes are top notch. Download them as fast as you can.

- He brings tons of originality to his work.

- He has created many of the "definitive remixes" for tons of Zelda tunes!

- He has in the past incorporated many of this music in neat ways all over the site. An example of one way he still does it is with the Fortune Teller.

- No one can even compare to his wizardry with Zelda music.

If more needs to be said, you can take it up with me at the forums.

Did you know? Ice has had an actual music career for almost a decade. His songs have received wide exposure, and made him a hefty chunk of change in the process. While he rarely shares any of it with his online Zelda community, he's shared some of it with me and many other faithful IZC members.

It's an honor being part of a community with such a talented individual!

Long live the Maestro!