Welcome Letter from Ice

Welcome to Ice's Zelda Central. It has certainly been awhile for many of us.

I know that some of the people reading this are people that five, six, seven, even eight years ago, were people that saw Ice's Zelda Central in its infancy. Some of the people reading my words right now watched the site grow up, and they also watched us stumble and fall a few times, as well. A couple of the people reading my words right now may have been the ones who hacked IZC in 1998, or one of the dozens who sent in an IZC logo in our original contest. The young boy who won the gold Zelda 64 cart from me may be reading right now. Some of the people reading my words may be the champions of the community: Juliet Singleton, Conrad, Magisuth, JMK, SCNWO, Falco-X, Bowza. Some of you may have written me a letter and had it published on the site.

And many of you may be hearing from me for the first time. IZC may be new to you. To you especially, then, welcome.

The purpose of this site is simple. Zelda means many things to many people. To us, it was a series that captured our imaginations. Here we celebrate what makes Zelda so fun for many; the exploration, the freedom, and the online community that resulted from all of it.

IZC has always been focused on the fans and focused on the music. This focus remains. We have the Letters section, which has been dormant since 2002, starting back up again. We also have the Music section, which features my new work as well as some of the old MIDI files that made us so popular.

For us, this site is just plain enjoyable. We love answering your letters. We love the Zelda remixing community. We love the Zelda community as a whole. Being here with you is an honor and a blessing, and we'd love nothing more than to have your support and your involvement as we support and involve ourselves in the new community.

Welcome back, many of you, and to many of you, just plain welcome. It's good to be back.

You're welcome to e-mail me. I can't wait to hear from you.

And, again, welcome to Ice's Zelda Central!