WW Expectations

By Ice

I've been randomly asking Zelda fans what they anticipate about Wind Waker, and have compiled a nice list of quotes. If you have your own 2 cents, feel free to e-mail me at sillychillyman@myself.com.

Note: Some of these quotes have been slightly edited to make them more coherent.

- I'm looking forward to the dungeons. I think they'll be twice as long and twice as hard as Ocarina of Time.

- I think there will be some cool new items. They won't be as revolutionary as OoT's items though.

- Enemies. Lots and lots of enemies.

- I hope the music will be better. The GC has had pretty good music so far (SSBM anyone?), so I have high hopes.

- I think there will be some cool bosses, but they'll probably be too easy.

- If it's half as good as the Oracle games I'll be a happy man.

- I want some interesting enemies, and interesting towns. I hope there's more than one town this time.

- I hope Link and Zelda finally kiss!

- I hope it's as good as the Ocarina of Time!

- Malon better be in it. I hope Princess Zora isn't.

- I hope there is a surprise second quest.


- I hope there's a shooting gallery, and I hope you shoot targets that look like the staff of the former ZHQ.

So there you have it folks ... the expectations for the new Zelda. How many of these hopes and dreams will be fulfilled, and how many will be shattered? We'll find out very soon ... very soon indeed.