Not Just an Issue About Graphics

By Vyctori W.

Yes, this is yet another article about the Gamecube Zelda game. I'm a recent Zelda fan (since April), but I love the series as much as those who started with it in 1986. And I think what Shigeru Miyamoto is doing to the series is terrible! He's toning it down to cater to the lowest common denominator.

I was so excited when I saw the thrilling fight between Link and Ganondorf and the smooth images. Now I'm really upset because of the approach Miyamoto is taking. Sure, everybody says we anti-Zelda Gamecubists will buy the game anyway, but that's not true for a lot of people.

We all know gameplay is important. But approach, plot, and dialogue are just as important. Some might even say more. If a game is just a mindless search and destroy, it will never be popular. The game has to have more dimension than that. It has to have the feel of real people completing the quest, not a character with as much feeling to it as a block of wood. And the feel of this game is sadly off.

For instance, Miyamoto wants Link to be more naīve. You can't be naīve if you kill things for a living. You have to be at least a little worldly if you've got a job like that.

This presentation of the game is just going to be a gimmick to attract some players and a way to get to the under-12 crowd. I enjoy the maturity of the series as a refreshing break from the child-like games, heroes, and enemies Nintendo already produces. I know adults, married, with children of their own, who still find time to play 'The Legend of Zelda' in between all their responsibilities.

If Shigeru Miyamoto created a game with adult Link in the beautiful graphics exhibited at Spaceworld and E3, it wouldn't be 'just another Zelda game'. I'm sure Nintendo is smart enough to think up an interesting plot with what we saw originally.

In the new look the game has been given, Link doesn't seem like a hero, but just someone who wants to have fun. Gamecube and Zelda are capable of much more. If this annoys you as much as me, and "annoys" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel, then email Nintendo and let them know what you think. It's:

Also, I've been informed there's a petition against the new game. It's hosted by and is worth a look. There are almost 9,000 signatures.

If Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't want the series to go down in flames, he should do something to pacify the discontent fans, like return the game to its original form. And as for the people who are going to buy the game but hate it anyway, shame on you. Buy something like 'Oracle of Ages' instead.