Fight Against the Disgruntled

By Dan

Guys, guys... You all are the GameCube Zelda like it's the XBox ( no one wants a XBox. ) I've only seen about * 2 or 3 * articles that actually give Zelda a CHANCE! Despite what people say, graphics DO matter when you have this awesome technology... I know what you are thinking, that i'm thinking that people want graphics with 1 million polygons just for a finger... WRONG! What I mean by graphics is what pulls the player into the game... Graphics pull a player into a game, Gameplay keeps him there... I've read an article that says how OOT made him/her cry because of it's beauty and atmosphere. There is my next point here.

Compare OOT and Quake II... Quake II has awesome graphics that make the N64 look like crap, but OOT has the charm to believe the player is IN a world, Q II doesn't. Think about this, will you be in a world in the new Zelda? I think so... Myamoto's goal is to put a player in a world, not impress with a million polys for a friggin finger. The new Zelda will be different graphicly wise as Zelda II for NES was different in Gameplay ( and I actually LIKE Zelda II, pure fun... )

Compare OOT and Q II AGAIN, this time involving gameplay... OOT has a wide array of puzzles, enemies ( which are too easy, i'll get to them in a moment ), areas to explore, and Skulltulas to collect... Q II? It has 10 different guns, a wide array of enemies as well, you can explore as well ( get to that here in a min... ), and you get to shoot mindlessly... OOT's puzzles is about moving blocks around the room, QII's puzzles is shooting a button on a wall. OOT's enemies are way too easy for many people while most enemies in QII can kill you if you just stand there and shoot ( what most newbies probraly do. ) Exploration in OOT is going to the neighboring town or across the country of Hyrule, QII's exploration is just walking around until you find new enemies ( they don't reapear ). I could compare a LOT more, but that would be too much... What Myamoto can do is increase the difficulty of the enemies, add new weapons, have that new dodge button ( imagine doing Olympic gold metal tricks while killing enemies at the same time, dodging and then attacking is more fun than you think, you would know if you ever played Virtual Fighter 3tb. )

Comparing Zelda GC to other GC games... Gameplay is important right? If that is true then why is Myamoto changing the gameplay in Metroid Prime from side scolling to 1st person ( NOT ANOTHER QUAKE CLONE!!! ) game play? THAT IS BAD!!! If the graphics agravate you VERY BAD, then think Metroid Prime, it couldv'e been worse... So they are swiching Zelda to Mario like graphics eh? You heard me right, did Mario ever have super realistic graphics like OOT? Nope... Zelda is to turning to a cartoon as Luigi's Mansion is to turning into a realistic Playstation game.

Remember it could be worse.