Top Ten Things that could have Happened to the Dark Empowerment Series

By Brent Cook

Number 10:While updating a long time ago, I clicked the wrong button and POOF!! My cpu blew up, taking the story with it. [Editor's Note: VERY likely...]

Number 9:The men that started the whole theory of Nebula being a goddess burned the series as a sacrifice. [Editor's Note: Or maybe we were just playing with fire...]

Number 8: It didn’t follow Dave Matthew’s advice and drank the water. [Editor's Note: For thsoe of you who haven't followed the sacred teachings of Brent and I and worshiped the Dave Matthews Band, that is a reference to the song "Don't Drink the Water"]

Number 7: It never actually existed and is part of a conspiracy started by Ice. [Editor's Note: Also very likely.]

Number 6: It ended up being worse than Prelude to Darkness and deleted itself. [Editor's Note: NOT very likely...I mean, this *is* the Singletons we're talking about...]

Number 5: Falco-X got jealous and stole it, along with many other things. [Editor's Note: Would you believe it? It's on HTLoZ!]

Number 4: MC decided to take it down just to see what I would do. [Editor's Note:]

Number 3: It never actually left and has been relocated to the articles section by mistake. [Editor's Note: Have I mentioned that there's some articles missing, too?]

Number 2: MC started clicking the delete button just to hear the little noise it makes when suddenly he realized what he was doing. [Editor's Note: It *is* a pretty cool noise...]

And the Number one Thing that could have happened to the Dark Empowerment series is...

What else is there to say? It is all MC’s fault. I told him not to play around with viruses while updating IZC. [Editor's Note: Oops..=(]

Until Next time,