Excuses, Excuses

By Steve Dixon

Top ten reasons given when asked why I haven't updated for months:

10) I joined an anti-Zelda cult called "Sony".

9) Aliens abducted me and erased my me.. mim.. memory. That's the word.

8) What? I sent you guys updates, I guess your e-mail server's down.

7) I updated, but in a very tiny font.

6) Maniacal Clown and I are the same person.
Maniacal Clown: Do what?
Steve Dixon: Shut up, Clown.

5) Clown and Brent locked me in my dumpster.

4) I got hit by a bus on the way home from my volunteer work at the food pantry, and I spent the last two months...
What's that?
Of course I volunteer!
No, I wasn't stumbling about madly on a Jolt Cola buzz...
No, I didn't walk in to the side of a parked bus...
Well, maybe...

3) I was on tour with the Rolling Stones.

2) Okay, I'll level with you. I'm really Falco-X and I was busy updating HTL... wait, no, I guess that one doesn't work.

1) My cat ate my mouse.

Enough lame excuses, the tour is over, and I'll be getting back to my old routine of Wednesday and Sunday updates. So that means you get to look forward to two editorials a week. Yep, two. And I wonder why nobody ever misses me...